Great Expectations: Interop 2011

May is here, and to many of us in the networking world, that means one thing: It’s Interop time.

As the anticipation grows, we thought it would be a good idea to consider what’s going to be hot this year, aside from the Nevada desert. From where we sit, two themes we anticipate to be hot this year at Interop are: IPv6 and cloud computing.

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Making Moves to the Cloud

You may have heard the news that CenturyLink will acquire Savvis. Given that the announcement was made just weeks after the closing of the CenturyLink – Qwest merger, we thought our business customers may have some questions. We’ve outlined some key questions and answers below that explain why this combination makes sense:

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Instant Gratification: The Future of On-Demand Services

With cloud a hot topic here at ThinkGig, and the merger still bringing up questions, we wanted to share what our EVP, Chris Ancell, had to say about our future plans for cloud. The talented Jessica Scarpati of SearchTelecom recently sat down with Chris to get his perspective about the cloud hype, on-demand services and the evolution of customer needs. Here’s a section from the interview we thought was particularly insightful:

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Perspectives on the Merger

It’s been a week since we shared that Qwest is becoming CenturyLink. Now that you’ve had a chance to consider how this might change the enterprise telecom landscape, we wanted to share a few perspectives from our executives in the market about the news.

Dow Jones covered the perspective of Glen Post, our CEO, on why the enterprise market is significant to CenturyLink as the company moves forward.

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A New Day

Today, we are very excited to announce that Qwest is becoming CenturyLink, creating the third-largest telecommunications company in the U.S.

So what does this mean to you? Besides operating under the CenturyLink brand once the transition is complete, this will ultimately turn us into a stronger alternative in the enterprise market. From my perspective, this merger means a few important things to our business customers:

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Key Takeaways for Successful BC/DR

If you missed our previous BC/DR posts, we’ve covered:

Wrapping up our series, we’re highlighting four key takeaways for ensuring a successful BC/DR deployment. We asked our BC/DR expert, Mike Cybyske to come up with his most critical advice for anyone developing or deploying a BC/DR strategy. Mike is a crisis manager at Qwest and is responsible for overseeing our corporate Crisis Management Team.

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iPad 2: Should Businesses Really Care?

Should you care about the iPad 2? This time around, I’d wager the answer is probably yes. Why? Because this one is more business-friendly. It’s only a matter of time before business users are clamoring to get their IT departments to support the device.

A few reasons businesses should take notice:

  • Joint Venture program – It’s like Apple Genius for businesses. They can help get your business set up and train your employees.
  • Business-friendly applications – iPad-friendly apps include, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Maps, Notes and Safari.
  • Integration with standard business apps – It integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and standards-based messaging environment
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Risky Business: How Technology Can Help You Manage Risk

We’ve been talking a lot here at ThinkGig about business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR). We’ve covered how to create a BC/DR strategy and real-life examples of BC/DR in action. Today, we will cover the technology considerations that come into play when managing risk. Again, we turned to our own BC/DR expert, Mike Cybyske. Mike is a crisis manager at Qwest and is responsible for overseeing our corporate Crisis Management Team.

If you missed our previous BC/DR posts, be sure to check these out:

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