Perspectives on the Merger

It’s been a week since we shared that Qwest is becoming CenturyLink. Now that you’ve had a chance to consider how this might change the enterprise telecom landscape, we wanted to share a few perspectives from our executives in the market about the news.

Dow Jones covered the perspective of Glen Post, our CEO, on why the enterprise market is significant to CenturyLink as the company moves forward.

Chris Ancell, our EVP of Business Markets Group, talked to GigaOm about what the future holds for the enterprise business. The two big themes are that bandwidth demand is continuing to grow and that the new scale gained through this acquisition may lead to cloud-related deals.

What do you think? Please share your perspective on the move, or what questions you may have.

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  1. drew

    Hey that’s great. I don’t really care about a merger, but I will anticipate a higher bil. What I’m really concerned about, is the fact that I pay more for less. I can’t get fiber optic internet and I live in a large metro area. I pay about $40 plus tax for 3 kbps. While others pay the same or less for 7-20 kbps. Unfair I say. To bad for me, I stuck with this. I have only one other choice when it comes to high speed internet.