IT threats are more complex than ever before. With cyber criminals reaching new levels of sophistication, CIOs must prepare to stay one step ahead of the most recent attack. Companies who fail to build strategic, proactive approaches to IT security now will feel the impact of attacks tomorrow.

In the current environment, data breaches can cost upwards of $4 million per incident. But the damage goes far beyond immediate cost. In addition to standard incident expenses, many feel they’re still unprepared to handle the long-range impacts of attacks to customer perception and brand reputation.

Sitting at the top of the latest threat list is “phishing,” alongside new forms of “ransomware.” Widely considered some of the most effective IT threats, they’re becoming more sophisticated than ever – as attackers conduct extensive research to trap even the most senior-level executive. A strong defense is built by aligning with the right partner having expert knowledge of today’s threat landscape. Together, teams can engineer a reliable strategy based on multi-layered IT security – spanning a full spectrum of security services, education, and extensive training.


Still unsure how or where begin to tackle your IT security concerns? Listen to this on-demand podcast where CenturyLink CSO, David Mahon, outlines the current threat environment – focusing specifically on new forms of phishing and ransomware. Hear why a multi-layered security approach – backed by ongoing training and advanced education – are mandatory to face the latest attacks.

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