In an era when networks just moved bits from Point A to Point B, network upgrades were mostly about adding bandwidth. Rethinking the very nature of the network was not on the table. If it wasn’t broken, there was no need to fix it, to paraphrase my grandmother.

But as I pointed out recently, modern networks do more than just transport bits today. They enable the enterprise in an era of digital transformation. Powered by Software Defined Networking (SDN), they facilitate new business models and value creation by orchestrating and securing the assets of the enterprise – whether those assets are digital or human.

Bottom line: SDN is a superpower.

When I talk with customers it is not unusual to encounter the “not broken, don’t fix it” reaction when I ask if their network is really capable of supporting the business and the hybrid IT architecture they are contemplating. It is perfectly understandable that they prefer to avoid any kind of fundamental disruption and risk that network upgrades might imply.

So, I want to be clear that any major undertaking involves risk. But, risks are only barriers if you don’t understand them. A well-understood risk is simply a guidepost on how to move forward.

In this series, I’ve been mining the current superhero box office boom for what it can teach us about running today’s enterprises. One of the frequent plots of these movies is the seasoned superhero bringing on a sidekick to help them save the universe from evil villains. But one typical plot device is that some sidekicks underestimate the evil villains. Sometimes their ignorance creates catastrophes, and a critical misjudgment makes them pull back from heroism all together. When the new hero takes clear and decisive action to understand the risks and counter them we know they have matured and changed for the better. Experience matters.

In business, we can’t pretend the risks aren’t there. Our fast-paced rate of change makes standing still the biggest risk of all. In that light, we should consider in-depth planning and analysis to be key superpowers in digital transformation. If someone tells you they can flip a switch and everything will just be fine, well, that’s magical thinking, not rigorous planning and the seasoned experience of a well-traveled superhero and his sidekick.

What, exactly, are the risks you’re afraid of? Cybersecurity? Business continuity? By mapping them out and using years of real world lessons-learned, we can create mitigation plans and workarounds during the transition to your upgraded network.

And your new software defined network will address those needs, and many more, well into the future.

Are you ready to put on the superhero cape and propel your business forward?  Our team of IT experts will be your faithful sidekick along the way. Let’s talk.

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