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About $500,000 per hour. That’s how much some have estimated eCommerce vendors lose from downtime in a typical Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.  As the average event lasts up to six hours, this certainly can have a devastating impact on business operations.  The time is right for companies to focus on their security infrastructures to avoid getting caught under the deadly wave that is DDoS.

These are the some of the issues explored in:  “The Forrester Wave™: DDoS Services Providers, Q3 2015”. The firm not only investigates the security market in general – particularly focusing on rise in DDoS – but – evaluates the most significant service providers to combat the threat.  In the instance of DDoS, hackers attempt to damage core service availability through an orchestrated flood of multiple sources of traffic.  As traffic pings the infrastructure, customers and employees are unable to access core information that run the business.  This type of attack is particularly serious because it impacts both the network and application layers.

DDoS Service Providers

Building and managing a tier-one security infrastructure in-house is a challenge for any CIO.  Companies often lack the dedicated resources to prepare for all threats – and are unable to invest in critical technologies due to shrinking budgets.  Aligning with a service provider has become an increasingly popular approach – outsourcing protection to a highly experienced and dedicated partner.  But how to tell which partner is right for you?  The Forrester report states that the best vendors in the evaluation have advanced features, including:  offering network and application protection as their center piece; supporting a broad set of protocols; employing talented sales, professional services, and technical staff; and maintaining good rosters of technology, reseller and systems integration partners.

Protection across multiple layers is an essential requirement, as most attacks seek to overwhelm servers with bogus traffic.  Web applications are also compromised, as hackers ping each with malformed security threats.  And while networks are often the target, Forrester states that while the frequency of application Layer 7 attacks are significantly less than their Layer 3 and 4 attack cousins, they present big challenges to security pros and will continue to do so in the future.  The best service providers offer both the technology and industry expertise to cover both layers – ensuring infrastructures are protected now and in the future.  As hackers become more creative, protocol diversity is also a must.  The chosen partner must be equipped to handle threats across a range of devices and protocols to prepare for every possible scenario.

CenturyLink results

At CenturyLink, our services are designed to protect against both current and emerging threats.  That’s why we’re so happy Forrester named us as a “Leader” in this Wave report.  Forrester takes into account several factors when naming leaders, including:  Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence.  Do you know if you are at risk? Find the most vulnerable points in your infrastructure by taking our easy online assessment.

The report noted that our team scored especially well for its attack detection and attack response capabilities.  From a direct DNS request attack and high-rate hybrid threat to traffic disruption and UDP flooding, CenturyLink services provide some of the broadest levels of security.  Response types were also noted – highlighting an ability to conduct attack source path identification, filtering, bandwidth throttling, reconfiguration, overprovisioning, and DNS recursion attenuation – among others. The power to not only identify, but remediate threats means CenturyLink prepares customers for any possible scenario.  Our wide array protected protocols was also noted, offering support across a range of pathways.

With strong client and revenue growth – as well as an emphasis on customer service – our ability to defend against the largest and most threatening attacks was highlighted. The flood of cyber-attacks poses significant challenges for businesses today, and teaming with a valued service partner is often the right strategy to guard against emerging threats like DDoS. CIOs must act now to research and rank service providers according to their requirements to avoid getting flooded in the new wave of attacks. With our broad technology and industry resources, CenturyLink can help. Think you might be at risk? Book a one-to-one consultation and learn more.

CenturyLink’s DDoS Mitigation Services deliver enhanced protection for Internet Ports – focusing on both network-based detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks. These services deliver comprehensive monitoring and identification of threats, as well as threat validation and response. This approach ensures only valid traffic can pass.

You can learn more about the challenges and opportunities companies face in the new age of IT security at the CenturyLink live meet-up — “The Weakest Link” series – on August 26th in Washington D.C. The event will include presentations by IDC and CenturyLink executives on “Preparing in the Hostile IT World” and “Best Practices in Security that can Save Your Business” – and help attendees build strategies suited for their own businesses. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to tour CenturyLink’s federal government compliant data center.

1 Forrester Research: The Forrester Wave™ DDoS Services Providers, Q3 2015; Ed Ferrara and Rick Holland; July 22, 2015


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