As a Global Certified Premier SAP Provider, CenturyLink delivers consulting, hosting, network and managed services for your SAP workloads with a number of key partners. While several components of our SAP solutions are based on Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions, technology is only one dimension of our relationship with HPE.

When HPE spun off their enterprise services group earlier this year, they no longer had the same capabilities that they previously did for SAP. On the CenturyLink side, the Cognilytics and SEAL Consulting acquisitions further enhanced our consulting and managed services portfolio and expanded our commitment to the SAP ecosystem. The new service mix opened up new opportunities for CenturyLink to work more closely with HPE who continues to be the leading SAP HANA hardware provider.

The timing of our maturity in the SAP practice dovetails perfectly with the renewed focus of the HPE Group on SAP. The service capabilities of CenturyLink combined with the world-class hardware solutions of HPE are unquestionably a powerful combination.

As I see it, enterprises are continuously sorting through a complex matrix of service providers and technology vendors with varying degrees of overlapping capabilities.  For this reason, customers will benefit from partnerships that are designed to reduce complexity and maximize synergies. The combined capabilities of CenturyLink and HPE will enable customers to exploit the full benefit of their full SAP stack with powerful integrated HPE systems and services when they choose CenturyLink to host it, protect it and connect it.

I am not sure we could have planned this, or timed it any better.  I see our new combined capabilities as being a valuable force in the market for our customers that can help organizations achieve transformation goals.

I encourage you to talk to one of our experts this week at SAPPHIRE NOW at booth 547 or at HPE Aspire, booth 20, and learn how we can accelerate your time to value and make the most out of your SAP technology investment.

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  1. Jason Hawthorne

    Hello Jason, I wanted to share this article with you since you mentioned you are in Nashville for an ERP conference.