Technology is changing at breakneck speed driving collaboration and complexity at the same time. We face new cybersecurity threats even as we seek to modernize our IT infrastructure and streamline our processes. No single entity can keep up with the pace of change on its own. This is why it is imperative that the public and private sector work together.This public-private partnership with the federal government has been on my mind a lot lately. CenturyLink recently gained a coveted spot in the General Services Administration’s $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (more commonly known as EIS) program. This will allow us to continue building on the good work we’ve done with agencies under the previous Networx and other contract vehicles in which we participate.

But, there is more to consider here than procurement. These contract vehicles are mechanisms that help the vast federal government and the private sector work together. And history has shown that when the government and the private sector work together, great things happen.

That GPS in your pocket is a direct result of such pooling of resources, tools and imagination. Every time you ask Siri to get directions or plug in your coordinates on Google Maps, you are using technology that was developed during the Cold War as a means of tracking Sputnik and later our own fleet of nuclear submarines. It wasn’t until the 1980s, when President Ronald Reagan opened the technology to commercial uses that GPS technology became a building block of our modern world. As a result of that public and private partnership, GPS is ubiquitous in a multitude of devices from our automobiles to our personal fitness trackers.

This list could go on and collaboration works both ways. There’s a constant demand to keep up with the changes in technology. At CenturyLink, we work with the government to streamline acquisitions and help integrate new technology as part of its IT transformation. Through updated Category Management processes and regulations, government agencies can take advantage of the best that industry has to offer while updating its IT infrastructure and improving security.

Cybersecurity looms as one of the biggest threats to the modern world built by this partnership. Working together, we are meeting the threat of cybersecurity head on. Our customers range from high-profile Fortune 500 companies to key federal government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense. Our work to protect against the thousands of cyber attacks is critical to their daily operations. But we don’t do this alone. CenturyLink leverages the expertise and experiences of government and industry to identify, fight and protect against these threats. This collaboration has enabled us to play key roles in contributing to cybersecurity response efforts at the international, federal, state and local law enforcement levels.

Transformation is a never-ending process. There’s no such thing as “one and done” in digital transformation. It is a continuous process that must adapt and change with advancing technology and increasing complexity. The future of government IT depends on the ability of the public and private sector to work together. Large contract vehicles such as Networx and EIS are important tools that help make it easier to collaborate on large-scale government IT projects.

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