Cybersecurity is once again on everyone’s mind as the latest major data breach grabs headlines, creates potential victims of identity theft and calls into question the overall security of major players in the financial system. The latest cybersecurity breach offers a painful reminder of why IT security keeps most C-levels up at night. 

As a Fortune 500 company, CenturyLink, too, has cybersecurity concerns.  Two of our cybersecurity leaders will be on the road in the coming months discussing how they keep our company secure, without breaking the bank.   Dave Mahon is Vice President and Chief Security Officer at CenturyLink.   He is a former FBI agent and helps steer our internal cybersecurity efforts. Bill Bradley is CenturyLink’s Senior Vice President of Cyber Engineering and Technology Services and leads our cybersecurity strategy. Before that, Bill served as CenturyLink’s CIO. Bill and his entire team is instrumental in protecting the critical assets and infrastructure of our large, multi-national organization.

Join Bill and Dave at the following events for expert perspectives about cybersecurity risk management strategies:

New York September 15 – Cybersecurity Summit: Dave Mahon is discussing the difference between compliance regimes and cybersecurity. We will be live tweeting from the event and posting video.

San Francisco September 26 – Structure Security Conference: Once again, CSO Dave Mahon is speaking about the “Evolution of the CISO.” His remarks will come as part of a fireside chat moderated by Fortune writer, Jonathan Vanian, and shed light on risk-based approaches to cybersecurity.

London, England October 10 – European Legal Security Forum 2017: Dave Mahon is delivering a keynote presentation offering “Best Practices & Proactive Strategies to Mitigate Cyber threats in Law Firms.”

Mons, Belgium October 17 – NIAS 2017 Cyber Security Symposium: Centurylink Senior Vice President of Cyber Engineering and Technology Service, Bill Bradley, is addressing NATO members in a presentation titled, “Optimizing Partnerships – The Smart Strategy to Win the Cyber War.” Among the insights Bill is sharing, he’ll discuss how public-private partnerships are necessary to establish cybersecurity.

Boston November 8 – Cyber Security Summit: Dave Mahon is part part of a security panel discussion on the difference between compliance regimes and real cybersecurity.

New Orleans November 8 – New Orleans IT Symposium: Bill Bradley is moderating a panel titled, “Enable the Future, Disable the Risk.” The panel will discuss emerging threats, new technologies and practices as well as lessons they have collectively learned.

Webinar November 15 – 451 Research and CenturyLink:  Analyst firm 451 Research co-hosts this live webinar with Dave Mahon entitled,  “CSO Lessons Learned: Cybersecurity Risk on the Road to Digital Transformation.” Legitimate cybersecurity fears can overwhelm digital transformation projects. Dave and a 451 analyst will discuss incorporating risk management into your transformation plans.

Dallas November 28 – Evanta Dallas CISO Summit: Bill Bradley is speaking on the topic, “The Art of Elevating Security.”  As you build or expand your security organization, you must develop a comprehensive security program from the board down, understand your complete supply chain and threat landscape, and have a detailed risk management plan. Bill will also discuss how security leaders must not just say no but use both sides of the brain, the technical and the creative, to develop solutions that both reduce enterprise risk and enable digital transformation.

You don’t want to miss these speaking engagements. They offer a unique opportunity to learn from the experts who help protect a Fortune 500 company against cyber threats.

If you can’t attend one of the above events, contact us.  We are happy to share what you might miss. Chat with one of our cybersecurity experts today.

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