In the past, IT security was the biggest roadblock to public cloud adoption. The potential lack of control over proprietary information was enough to deter any organization from moving sensitive data to the cloud. But recent, innovative advances to cloud infrastructures – such as two-factor authentication via LDAP and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) embedded directly into CenturyLink Cloud – means there’s nothing left to lose.

The benefits of cloud computing are numerous and compelling. Fueling more flexible business models, cloud environments can significantly reduce capital investments, drive economies of scale, and empower faster time-to-market. Yet rapid adoption was a bit stifled by incomplete or insufficient protection of information assets. According to industry analysts, this dynamic is finally beginning to change.

In one of its most recent reports, analyst firm Gartner Group, believes the industry is at a critical inflection point – especially across the government sector. Techniques are so advanced that security has displaced both cost and agility as the number one reason for government agencies to adopt cloud. No longer facing roadblocks, entities are free to build flexible infrastructures capitalizing on new levels of cost savings, efficiency, and scalability.

The remaining hurdle is aligning with the right service provider for managed security in cloud, on-premise and hybrid IT environments – protecting against the latest threats and ensuring compliance with strict regulations. Companies like CenturyLink have extensive track-records of doing just that – helping customers across all sectors guard against the most dangerous security risks.

Governments and financial giants across the globe trust CenturyLink to deliver comprehensive security solutions. You can, too.  Talk to one of our IT security experts today.

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