Often times, the unknown prevents us from changing, even if we know the benefits will outweigh the risks in the long run.

That’s where we see a lot of our customers on the path to migrating to SD-WAN. They know SD-WAN will bring benefits to their business and bottom line, but they are unsure of the risks. IT professionals are very cautious when they bring new technology into their existing infrastructure — as they should be.  No one wants to halt company operations by introducing new technology into an existing, working infrastructure. We know that digital transformation is necessary to compete in today’s business climate, but is the “heavy lifting” required of network changes worth the effort?

We say yes. That’s because we’ve helped thousands of companies, just like yours, work through technology upgrades again and again. We understand that your network is the lifeblood of your organization; you can’t risk any critical outages. So it’s crucial to find the right technology partner who has the experience and expertise to help you modernize your infrastructure — without breaking the bank or slowing down business operations.

Recent research from analyst firm, GlobalData shows that enterprises are more likely today to consider a managed or co-managed SD-WAN solution then they were a few years ago.  They are able to off-set managed service provider (MSP) costs with reduced operational costs.  Co-management offers the best of both worlds as it gives IT teams increased efficiencies and oversight while still allowing them to retain control to make changes when needed. We know that bandwidth consumption isn’t slowing down. Applications are more capable of delivering better experiences for your customers and they provide helpful operational efficiencies for your business.

SD-WAN delivers smarter, more flexible operations for the digital age. So, business downtime worries aside, what is stopping you from exploring how SD-WAN will benefit your organization?

Let our IT experts help.  We’ll use the collective knowledge and best practices we’ve gained from helping other businesses complete their SD-WAN and hybrid WAN deployments. We’ll help you see what’s ahead and mitigate the operational risks involved in bringing modern technology into your legacy infrastructure. In the end, CenturyLink can assist your enterprise to accomplish more — sooner — through a smooth SD-WAN migration.

Is your enterprise currently using SD-WAN? If not, get in touch with a CenturyLink expert.

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