In the digital world, agility is key and organizations everywhere are racing to speed up application creation and delivery. As companies turn towards DevOps and other agile models, the pressure is on to tackle the relentless speed of automation accompanying Software Quality Assurance (QA) and testing.  Quality releases paired with dramatically reduced cycle times are now the norm, mandating enterprises to embrace the demands of agility. The testing environment leveraged across digital transformation is one fully supported by efficiency and stability. Oftentimes, the solution is built around the right TEAM (Testing, Environment, Automation, Monitoring).

The TEAM methodology addresses each and every segment of testing strategy to ensure end-to-end coverage and extremely high quality. It’s a holistic process – guaranteeing the right Test and techniques are leveraged during design, as opposed testing everything and anything. The Environment is just as critical, meaning an optimal landscape under which to run the tests. And it all takes place with an ecosystem powered by Automation and Monitoring to minimize resolution times and performance issues.

IT is no longer a cost center, but a revenue driver. As innovation is directly tied to new product development and deployment, agility is now fueled by innovative testing methodologies. But it doesn’t just work in theory. Recently, one of our teams faced nearly 20,000 regression tests across its applications suite. With each manual test requiring 32 minutes to complete, that’s a total of more than 10,000 hours for the entire batch. Through a disciplined TEAM approach, the group was able to automate nearly 60 percent of these cases – with an average execution time of five minutes!

And that’s only the beginning. Customers across the globe are adopting new approaches to accelerate test velocities and orchestrate successful release-to-production operations. Learn how to put our TEAM approach to work for you, reducing cycle times and enhancing overall quality. You can start by watching the webinar – “Optimize Your Test Environments to Maximize Efficiency and Stability” – led by myself and Julie Kazmier, CenturyLink IT Testing & QA Engineer.

Are you headed to STAREAST in Orlando this month? If  you are planning to be there, make a plan to meet the CenturyLink Test and Quality Assurance Experts at Booth # 27 to discover ways to take your integrated SDLC transformation to the next level.

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  1. Tom Wade

    Your TEAM methodology absolutely makes sense. I think it is absolutely critical for enterprises and teams to stay agile and resilient in the current turmoil. If you have a fundamental strategy in place, it absolutely brings relevance.