Branch networking has changed very little in the past 20 years. Today’s enterprises are increasingly challenged with how to adapt their existing networks to modern networking demands without a major overhaul of their WAN infrastructure.  The good news is that there is a solution and tackling these challenges may be easier than you think with SD-WAN.

Modern Branch Networking Challenges

While the traditional WAN architecture hasn’t changed much in recent years, the traffic that travels through it has changed significantly.  There are greater demands on branch networks today to carry more traffic that come from higher bandwidth applications including video as well as cloud storage and more. Throwing more bandwidth at the problem can serve as a temporary fix, but it can also introduce new issues and increased complexity in mapping and routing traffic. Needless to say, it is time for a change to how IT pros approach their branch networks.

Enter software-defined WAN

Finally, branch networking can be executed at the speed of business with SD-WAN.  From a network management perspective, you can achieve faster provisioning, easier ongoing maintenance with less overhead, and centralized control of your entire WAN regardless of the underlying transport type or vendor.  Refer to this “Walk Me to the Car” blog post for our take on the top three advantages of SD-WAN.

Benefits of CenturyLink® Managed SD-WAN

CenturyLink managed SD-WAN makes it even easier for enterprises to adopt and realize the benefits from SD-WAN right away.  With CenturyLink SD-WAN, you receive:

  • Built-in Application Intelligence: Recognizes specific applications and applies knowledge about those apps to network policies and traffic routing.
  • Multiple deployment options: easy and fast to deploy on x86 servers, virtual machines or containers.
  • Flexible and distributed service architecture: you now have the choice where to deploy and run different network and security functions and can simplify integration with service chaining.
  • Centralized Automated Operations: Manage provisioning and changes from a single point of control. No on site presence needed.

Find out more about how SD-WAN and specifically CenturyLink SD-WAN can solve many of the problems of traditional branch office networking by downloading our Benefits of SD-WAN to the Distributed Enterprise white paper.

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