Success through simplification. That’s the key to the world’s most powerful IT networks. While today’s infrastructures are more advanced than ever before, true business value is only derived by eliminating complexity from the enterprise.

Highly advanced networks are the foundation upon which strong enterprises are built. Supporting digital transformation, these powerful infrastructures allow organizations to more effectively drive revenue streams, accelerate innovation and serve customers in new ways. Unfortunately, built-in complexity often hinders – rather than helps – the business.

According to IDC, many of today’s infrastructures are becoming far too difficult to manage – characterized by multiple technology silos, advanced data sprawl and limited automation. This not only creates additional operational cost, but unnecessarily burdens IT staff. The firm estimates typical organizations can actually save more than $3,500 per user annually just by streamlining these IT processes.

That’s the real value proposition behind CenturyLink® Managed Enterprise with Cisco Meraki. Fueled by the power of simplicity, our new offering empowers customers to more efficiently deploy and monitor wireless networks, security, phone, video, surveillance, and SD-WAN via a single console. This advanced managed offering taps into Cisco Meraki, helping businesses streamline the number of devices on-site and easily access all data through a single, cloud-based console.

Fully designed, configured, monitored and maintained by CenturyLink, our managed enterprise solution offers predictable per device monthly pricing – allowing businesses to scale as they grow. Employees and customers also immediately benefit from an enhanced user experience, while unsurpassed visibility and control streamlines processes and frees internal resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Based on the combined power of CenturyLink and Cisco Meraki, enterprises can immediately boost network efficiency and security, while enhancing overall experience for both customers and employees. This unified approach reduces time spent deploying, managing and scaling the network – while advanced customization help ensure companies can better customize, promote and align their brand with customers.

Never underestimate the power of simplicity.

Learn how to gain significant competitive advantage by harnessing the power of CenturyLink and Cisco Meraki. Tap into our team of experts today!

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