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Cybersecurity: Is Prevention Enough?

Consider the following dilemma: Cybersecurity experts maintain that you can’t prevent everything – so don’t try. However, many security programs devise countermeasures mostly geared toward prevention. This does not make sense.  If prevention is not 100% effective, then trying to … Read more…


Join us: Cyber Security Summit L.A.

Today’s IT executives have more to worry about than ever before.  As cyber criminals become more aggressive, IT execs must ensure that their security strategies are rock-solid now, so the business can attack whatever hackers may throw at them in … Read more…


Gartner Symposium: This Way to Hybrid IT

You can’t find it on any map – and there’s more than one way to get there. It’s not surprising the industry struggles finding the best road to Hybrid IT. But as business and customer requirements continue to evolve and … Read more…

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Multi-Cloud: Understanding the Promise Vs. the Reality

The multi-cloud paradigm is undergoing the kind of post-hype contrition that so many promising ideas experience once their initial glow starts to fade.  You might think, right, of course it is. Or, you might be wondering, “What is multi-cloud?” No … Read more…

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Manage Better: Hybrid IT Takes Pressure Off Companies Trying To Do It All

For operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness, many businesses are turning to hybrid IT, an approach comprising a mix of in-house resources, managed hosting, and public and private cloud-based services.

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Analysts Weigh In on Selecting The Right Managed Security Services Provider

The recently published Forrester Wave and IDC Marketscape reports for Managed Security Services highlight the triple bind that enterprises and government agencies find themselves in when it comes to security. Threats continue to proliferate and grow more serious. Skilled security personnel are … Read more…


Key Insights on Disaster Recovery at VMworld 2016

We just concluded a great experience at VMworld 2016, where CenturyLink was a Silver Sponsor and Network Provider. It was an amazing show. We met many interesting people and learned a lot about where the VMware community is headed.


Don’t Overlook the Network on your Way to the Cloud

As cloud computing becomes the norm, rather than the exception, it is having a transformative impact on the enterprise data network.