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Join us in Atlanta: Cybersecurity Summit on April 6

Sweet Georgia peaches may still be ripening on the vine, but cyber threats are always in high season. That’s why we’re heading south to Atlanta in April for our next cybersecurity event for customers. 


Cybersecurity Insights – Coming to a City Near You!

Protecting business assets has never been more difficult or more costly — there’s not enough skilled security personnel, there’s too much log data to analyze, you lack 24/7 monitoring, the contextual impact of threats to your business may be unclear … Read more…


Your Cybersecurity Safety Net: CenturyLink® Managed Security Services

To boost chances of success, high risk situations often require an effective safety net. This additional protection makes it possible to direct attention towards more strategic initiatives. And with industry experts predicting 1 million new malware threats daily and a … Read more…


The CISO and Supply Chain Defense

Your supply chain may expose your organization to cybersecurity risks. This article looks at the nature of these risks and offers some suggestions to mitigate them. First, to talk about cybersecurity and supply chains, a definition of the supply chain … Read more…


Need More Cybersecurity Eyes and Ears? Enter SIEM

Every week, your news feed shouts that the cyber threat environment is growing more serious all the time. Our recommendation has been to adopt a cybersecurity policy that places more emphasis on proactive threat detection than attempting to defend all … Read more…


Announcement: Enhanced Managed Security Services to Help You Detect, Prevent and Respond to Cyberattacks

You might not see the threats lurking, but they are there. Just around the corner is the latest potential cyber-attack – and it’s coming straight for your company’s mission-critical digital assets. Whether hackers are exploiting more than 80 million personal records … Read more…

CyberSecurity: Don’t know where to begin? Follow these IT Security pros on Twitter

If you build it…they will come. Once popularized by the movie “Field of Dreams”, this phrase is testament to the impact of baseball on daily life – even influencing how people learn and grow. But as business embarks on an … Read more…


Walk Me to the Car: IT Security

Welcome back to the “Walk me to the car” blog series, a dynamic set of questions & answers that quickly addresses what busy business execs need to know on pressing technology issues. Today’s topic, in honor of National Cyber Security … Read more…