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How Governments Can Adapt — Making Digital Transformation a Reality

Digital transformation is everywhere, but in government the process toward full transformation is held up by budget cutbacks and legacy equipment constraints. So how can government entities fast-track implementation of disruptive technology to enable broader citizen engagement, empower employees and … Read more…


CenturyLink and EagleForce Join Forces to Reduce Opioid Abuse

As deaths from drug overdose intensifies, real-time prescription-tracking technology is offering local, state and federal governments new hope for stopping one of the early causes of the crisis — the over-prescribing, and diversion of opioid prescriptions — in its tracks.


Who Are Your Fellow Travelers on the Road to Modernization?

In this blog series, we have been talking about modernizing government IT as a journey rather than event. We have discussed planning as a necessary and sometimes eye-opening step in starting out on the journey. We have noted recent cyber … Read more…


WannaCry: A Cybersecurity Wakeup Call

In this blog series, we’ve been talking about government IT as being on a journey, a road trip. And that analogy works for discussing cybersecurity. If some good can come from the recent global ransomware attack, I am hoping it … Read more…


NASCIO Attendees Set Path to Future of Digital Government

In an age of social media, smartphones and other digital distractions, many people worry that we aren’t spending enough time talking to each other face to face. But, conversation flowed freely around a table I recently hosted at the NASCIO … Read more…


Planning Your Journey of Transformation

Summer is almost here. Time to start planning the vacation road trip. I’m old school when I plan a trip. I spread out maps to see where I’m going and the entire landscape I’ll be driving through. When I’m driving, … Read more…


Cybersecurity Challenges in State and Local Governments

There’s an old proverb that says a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Imagine a metal chain pulled from end-to-end. If each link can sustain a significant force, then the entire group is strong. But if just … Read more…

Transforming Networks: A Look at Government IT Challenges

The IT requirements in Washington are vast and complex — much like the government itself. So when it comes to cybersecurity, cloud computing, and IT networks, there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. To better serve the government’s needs, IT leaders within … Read more…