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Defining Hybrid IT

Vendors, partners, analysts, press and customers all agree; Hybrid IT is the future. That’s great news for many of us, and it spells huge opportunity for our partners, but what exactly is Hybrid IT? Indeed, do we even have a … Read more…


Deeply Passionate Man Seeks Like-Minded Partner

February is the month that many resolve to find their ideal partners, and I’m no different. But for me, the ideal partner has to be as committed and passionate as I am, sharing a vision for a wonderful future together. 


Why our Hybrid Solution is Good News For our Partners and Alliances, and Great News For Their Customers

Over the course of the next few months, I’m posting my views and insights on all things Hybrid IT. Some of these will be written, like this, and others will be video. As regional sales director for CenturyLink Channels and … Read more…


Transforming Healthcare Through a Statewide Network

Healthcare is big. Really big. According to researchers at the Altarum Institute the US spent about $3 trillion on healthcare in 2014.


Learn Your Lesson…2016 is the Year to Get Serious About IT Security

As we grow older, there are many lessons taught in life. These moments of insight build character, ensuring a mistake is never made twice. While these events allow us to emerge smarter and more experienced, some issues aren’t resolved that … Read more…

It Makes Perfect “Cents”: Building Quality Digital Customer Experiences

Quality service has always been a number one priority for leading businesses. By understanding customer requirements in advance – and then aligning to better meet those needs – companies can significantly drive new revenue and build market share. And as … Read more…

Ask the Architect Evangelist: Should Big Data be in the Cloud or On-Premises?

Part of my role as an Architect Evangelist is to tell people things they may not want to hear, though eventually most are glad they listened. For example, I have recently been involved in a number of conversations about whether … Read more…

West Meets East: Succeeding in Asia Requires Agile IT Services

It is of little surprise to say that Asia Pacific (APAC) is viewed as the primary growth market for the majority of Multi-National Corporations. The region leads the world in a number of significant areas – total population size, population … Read more…