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Is Your Aging Network Slowing Your Business Down?

Is your WAN slipping out of your control and slowing down your business? It’s a serious question and many network professionals know what I’m talking about. It’s time for the network to keep up with the rest of IT.


Balancing Agility and Stability with Bimodal IT

Ever try balancing on one foot? It requires a delicate equilibrium between two opposing forces to stay upright. Certainly no easy achievement, overcompensating on either side immediately results in instability. And this is the highly precarious situation most CIO’s face … Read more…


Why More Than 80% of Businesses are Going Hybrid

According to IDC, more than 80% of enterprise IT organisations will commit to hybrid cloud architectures by 2017. What’s more, they’re predicting that by 2018, at least 50% of all enterprise IT spending will be cloud-based.

The Week in Links: Big Data Is No Longer the Biggest Deal

Welcome to “The Week in Links,” where we’ll feature a series of business and tech-focused articles that really got people talking this week. What’s new with the Internet of Things? How can hybrid cloud help governments better engage with citizens? … Read more…