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Moving from Compliance to Threat-Based Security Programs

In my experience working with enterprises of different sizes, security managers usually face a choice between compliance and advanced threat-based security countermeasures. In this article, I explore how to navigate this tension and improve your overall security and compliance posture … Read more…

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Security Clears the Way to Cloud

In the past, IT security was the biggest roadblock to public cloud adoption. The potential lack of control over proprietary information was enough to deter any organization from moving sensitive data to the cloud. But recent, innovative advances to cloud … Read more…


CenturyLink and Cloudera Expand Alliance Around Big Data

Recently, we announced an expanded strategic alliance with Cloudera  to deliver Big Data as-a-service (BDaaS) – making it easier for organizations to effectively gain value from their data. As a Cloudera Preferred Partner, CenturyLink’s IT Services team is delivering a … Read more…


What MiFID II Means for the IT Department in 2016

I wrote previously about what MiFID meant for the IT department and since then we have had the referendum and there are now new considerations to be made by businesses, so I have updated this blog. If you manage IT … Read more…


Don’t Overlook the Network on your Way to the Cloud

As cloud computing becomes the norm, rather than the exception, it is having a transformative impact on the enterprise data network. 


Six Crucial Steps: Crossing the IT Migration Chasm

Forty percent…That’s the rate of failure analysts associate with business-related IT migration projects.  That’s no small number considering that Bloor Research reports that some Fortune 2000 companies spend a minimum of $5 billion annually on migrations. Even worse, the same … Read more…


Why More Than 80% of Businesses are Going Hybrid

According to IDC, more than 80% of enterprise IT organisations will commit to hybrid cloud architectures by 2017. What’s more, they’re predicting that by 2018, at least 50% of all enterprise IT spending will be cloud-based.


Who are the new Managers of Hybrid Cloud?

The requirement for more agile, quicker to respond infrastructures is creating a rise in the hybrid cloud market.  It’s clear that many workloads require a combination of public and private cloud to meet their demands for compliance, security, flexibility, customization … Read more…