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Walk Me to the Car: IT Security

Welcome back to the “Walk me to the car” blog series, a dynamic set of questions & answers that quickly addresses what busy business execs need to know on pressing technology issues. Today’s topic, in honor of National Cyber Security … Read more…

4 Ways Technology Enables a Competitive Advantage

Businesses and IT are in the midst of an unprecedented digital transformation. Everything from Big Data to the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and advancements in network technologies are changing the way things work and enabling new customer experiences.

Using Big Data & Analytics Best Practices for Oil & Gas

As we head to the SAP Best Practices for Oil & Gas conference in Houston, we should recall Peter Sondergaard’s remarks from 2011. The Gartner SVP said, “Information is the oil of the 21st century and analytics is the combustion engine.” … Read more…

BYOD: From Fad to Business Necessity

As adoption becomes more widespread, Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is making the move from trend to business way of life: Workers enjoy the anytime, anywhere access that BYOD provides and companies benefit from the efficiency that this accessibility creates.

And BYOD isn’t just having an affect on the organizations that allow the use personal devices for business — it’s influencing the devices themselves. In fact, a recent Forbes.com article, “How BYOD Is Pushing BlackBerry Out,” got us thinking about why BYOD is partly responsible for the decline of some products, notably RIM’s BlackBerry, which was once the darling of the enterprise business world.

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