Case Study: Life Time Builds a Healthy Way of Life with Technology

Like most large enterprises today, the core strength of Life Time is its brand and the key to making that brand successful is the digital technology that supports its entire business from the back office to the gym floor. Life … Read more…

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Gartner IT Security & Risk Management Summit – Spending SMARTER, not HARDER, on IT Security.

The upcoming Gartner IT Security and Risk Management Summit promises many thought-provoking exchanges about the security challenges facing the enterprise today. As a Silver Sponsor, we’re looking forward to it.


Need Bandwidth? Ride the Wave(length)!

Data is growing at a staggering pace. Every year the stats astound us. In 2013, reports indicated 90 percent of the world’s information had been generated in just two years. Today, Google receives more than 4 million search queries per … Read more…


Ready or Not: Here Comes SDN

Once considered as a long-term goal, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is now an essential component of modern-day IT infrastructures – dramatically accelerating organizational agility, flexibility, and innovation. While initially successful in the telecom and service provider industries, the approach is ready … Read more…


An Enterprise’s Unnamed Star: The Network

Never underestimate the power of the network. That’s the message coming from Gartner in its newest report: “Colocation Networking: Connectivity Options to Drive Transformation and Enable Digital Business” written by Bob Gill. Here are the facts – organizations are embarking … Read more…