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Eliminate Cloud Complexity with Managed Services

More and more organizations are tapping into public cloud services to accelerate their digital transformation. But managing those services as part of a hybrid cloud environment can be challenging.

Encountering Obstacles on Your Cloud Journey? You’re Not Alone

Making the transition to a hybrid cloud environment is not easy. If your organization has run into difficulties, I assure you that you are not alone. On a daily basis, I talk with very smart and focused individuals who are … Read more…


How You Connect to the Cloud Matters

As cloud technology continues transform high-performance application environments, it’s clear to see how cloud is a key enabler of improved enterprise outcomes. Regardless of the cloud environment you choose – public, private or multi-cloud – finding the right strategy matters.

Don’t Get Stuck on Your Cloud Journey: Follow These Three Tips for Advancing

There’s no question that organizations are increasingly turning to the cloud for IT resources. They see opportunities to improve agility, enhance efficiency, and deliver new types of solutions.

Serverless or Containers? You Can Have Both with the Right Managed Services

Considering a move to the cloud? You’re in good company. More and more organizations are incorporating some type of cloud—public, private, or hybrid—into their IT strategy.

The Future of the Software-Defined Data Center: Thoughts from Dell Technologies World

Back in 2016, the major question diverse technology companies coalescing under the Dell Technologies umbrella was – how is that going to work?  With so many diverse characters and independent viewpoints, could it be woven together into an inspiring, harmonious … Read more…

TechRepublic Live Webcast: 5 Steps to Future-Proof Your Cloud Strategy

Are you considering migrating to the cloud? If the answer is yes—and even if it’s not now, but planned for some point in the future—then there are some key points to consider for a successful integration of your existing infrastructure … Read more…

Journey to the Cloud: Accelerating Digital Transformation

The benefits that come from accelerating down the road to the cloud are clear, ranging from improving agility and increasing flexibility to minimizing large capital expenditures and strengthening security. A new infographic by CenturyLink and VMware illuminates the crossroads of … Read more…