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Join us: Cyber Security Summit L.A.

Today’s IT executives have more to worry about than ever before.  As cyber criminals become more aggressive, IT execs must ensure that their security strategies are rock-solid now, so the business can attack whatever hackers may throw at them in … Read more…

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Keep your Branch Office Risks in Check

Branch data networks are critical to the function of many enterprises. However, the security risks posed by wide area networks is increasing as internet use and cloud application access expands from branch locations. With news of Yahoo, Kimpton Hotels, Dropbox … Read more…


Moving from Compliance to Threat-Based Security Programs

In my experience working with enterprises of different sizes, security managers usually face a choice between compliance and advanced threat-based security countermeasures. In this article, I explore how to navigate this tension and improve your overall security and compliance posture … Read more…


Managing the BoD – Strategies for Providing Transparency

Working with senior business executives is one of the great perks of becoming a CISO. In the case of your company’s board of directors (BoD), the perk also includes challenges. Like an audition for “America’s Got Talent,” the BoD presentation … Read more…


Is Your Business Prepared? 12 Questions for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is the annual campaign sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). October will feature programming that is meant to engage and educate the public about cybersecurity. It also offers an opportunity for people … Read more…

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Security Clears the Way to Cloud

In the past, IT security was the biggest roadblock to public cloud adoption. The potential lack of control over proprietary information was enough to deter any organization from moving sensitive data to the cloud. But recent, innovative advances to cloud … Read more…


3 Major Benefits of Intelligence Led Security

Intelligence Led Security The word intelligence has become a permanent part of any security related conversation these days. We hear it at every security trade show and conference, and from security vendors. Why is the industry so focused on intelligence … Read more…

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Manage Better: Hybrid IT Takes Pressure Off Companies Trying To Do It All

For operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness, many businesses are turning to hybrid IT, an approach comprising a mix of in-house resources, managed hosting, and public and private cloud-based services.