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Is 2017 The Year of Telemedicine?

By definition, telemedicine is the practice of delivering medical care remotely using communications technology. Although it sounds like a modern advent, the foundation of this practice has been around since the invention of the telephone when doctors used to call their patients … Read more…


Transforming Healthcare Through a Statewide Network

Healthcare is big. Really big. According to researchers at the Altarum Institute the US spent about $3 trillion on healthcare in 2014.

Healthcare Providers Take a Shot in the Cloud

Like businesses in a host of industries, healthcare providers have set their sights oncloud computing, hoping to gain competitive advantages and better serve doctors and patients by moving important data and operations to cloud-based systems.

In fact, the healthcare cloud computing market is expected to grow to nearly $5.4 billion by 2017, according to a recent study by the firm MarketsandMarkets. This growth in healthcare cloud is part of a larger trend in telehealth, which is predicted to grow by 55 percent this year. Read more…