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Is Your Aging Network Slowing Your Business Down?

Is your WAN slipping out of your control and slowing down your business? It’s a serious question and many network professionals know what I’m talking about. It’s time for the network to keep up with the rest of IT.


Top Reads on SDN and SD-WAN

A seismic shift is taking place across global IT networks. Applications are moving to the cloud and are getting more complex, more and more mobile and IoT devices are being connected to the network, as are branch offices, partners and … Read more…


Insights from Frost & Sullivan on Software Defined WAN

IT leaders, specifically network managers, have been seeking better solutions to their WAN challenges for decades.  With the introduction of SD-WAN, enterprises have an answer to some of their biggest problems. In a new report on Software-Defined Networking, analyst firm, … Read more…

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Keep your Branch Office Risks in Check

Branch data networks are critical to the function of many enterprises. However, the security risks posed by wide area networks is increasing as internet use and cloud application access expands from branch locations. With news of Yahoo, Kimpton Hotels, Dropbox … Read more…


Solve Branch Networking Issues with SD-WAN

Branch networking has changed very little in the past 20 years. Today’s enterprises are increasingly challenged with how to adapt their existing networks to modern networking demands without a major overhaul of their WAN infrastructure.  The good news is that … Read more…


Flexibility & Agility in WAN? You bet!

With new technology comes the hope of streamlining processes, decreasing costs, and of course getting ahead of the competition.  So it is with SD-WAN. This new way of connecting multi-site organizations enhances flexibility and agility.  So what makes SD-WAN so … Read more…


It’s New. It’s Now. It’s #InstantlyBetter WAN Operations.

Today CenturyLink unveiled the newest solution in our advanced networking portfolio, CenturyLink SD-WAN. Ideal for companies with large, multi-site footprints, CenturyLink SD-WAN is a fully managed software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution allowing companies to streamline and simplify WAN operations … Read more…