Are you considering migrating to the cloud? If the answer is yes—and even if it’s not now, but planned for some point in the future—then there are some key points to consider for a successful integration of your existing infrastructure with a new cloud strategy

Join David Gewirtz, CBSi distinguished lecturer and author of “The Flexible Enterprise”; Greg Kaffenberger, cloud solutions strategist, VMware; and myself, for a live and interactive webcast that will help you guide your organization toward smoother digital transformation. This discussion will offer insights into how to approach managing your workloads on public and private clouds, increasing agility, reducing cost, and preparing now for the future workload demands. Register today and join us on Wednesday, May 16, at 2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT.

A Cloud-based Future

What’s the top go-to buzzword for IT infrastructure implementations? You guessed it: cloud. It seems everybody is racing to the cloud, but there’s a lot more to a future-proof IT strategy than just embracing a catchy word. If you’re implementing a cloud-based strategy, you’re making crucial decisions to ensure your business outcomes are successful, now and in the future. If you’re going to implement a cloud-based strategy then you also need to consider key factors like location, speed, expertise, cost, and security.

Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud?

One of the most important of these factors is location. Are you going to layer your infrastructure on top of a public cloud, sharing resources, attention, and possibly security problems with everyone else who shares that cloud with you? Alternatively, are you considering building out a private cloud, which provides all the benefits of a cloud infrastructure while remaining under your control—with a few caveats like resourcing equipment, time, and always-on expertise to build out a secure infrastructure and then continuously fortify and defend the data it houses? Could managed services and hybrid IT be the answer? The webcast will address these important questions as well as the following:

  • Learn about the five key factors (location, speed, expertise, cost, and security) that go into making a public or private cloud decision.
  • Explore the barriers and challenges involved in different cloud implementations, and the benefits and strengths private clouds offer many enterprises.
  • Discover the many options for moving forward with your own private cloud through use cases from organizations that have implemented and succeeded with various cloud strategies.

Register for the Webcast

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