The Modern Data Center

Ever since the days of Jim Cutler and his evil plan to replace the SC&P creative lounge with 125 square feet of raised floor and a well-ventilated metaphor, the enterprise has been struggling with the right way to manage its data center.  These days, enterprise IT leaders juggle a complex mixture of telecom closets, server rooms, overbuilt showcases, high-density colocation, shipping containers, and energized shells.

Modern Database

This juggling act typically spans geographies, networks, and corporate heritage.  In extreme cases, like the U.S. Federal Government, the challenge reaches 9,658 different datacenters across a myriad of operational models.  Countless CIOs are in the process of examining how they consolidate and drive efficiency in the data center and one common question keeps coming up: Should the enterprise even be in the data center business at all.

In our next episode of the Hybrid IT Files, we shift our focus to the foundational layer of the IT stack – the physical data center. Specialized real estate which supports 24/7 computer operations is as old as information technology itself. But creative approaches to consolidating, virtualizing and maximizing data center agility are still in their relative infancy.

To get at the heart of the matter, our guests for this discussion are industry experts Michael Levy (formerly of 451 Research and now with CenturyLink) and Jabez Tan (of Structure Research), two thought leaders with strong perspectives on how enterprise IT leaders are managing the modern data center. We’ll tackle questions such as:

  • How bad do companies have it?  How diverse a challenge do many enterprises face?
  • Are companies successfully exiting the datacenter business?  Or are they re-doubling their efforts and taking control?
  • What is the impact of cloud computing on modern datacenter strategy?
  • What are the most important characteristics when choosing a datacenter provider?
  • What does the datacenter of the future look like?

Don’t miss our live broadcast on Wednesday, March 18th at 9:00 a.m. Pacific, and you can join us here in our viewing room on Crowdchat and if you visit the page you can add the session to your calendar.  Can’t wait till then? Catch up with Episodes 1 through 4 of The Hybrid IT Files on our CenturyLink Business YouTube channel.

See you then!

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