Throughout history, some of the best discoveries and innovations have emerged from modernization. From locomotives that travel at unmatched speeds or rockets exploring the deepest regions of space – success is built on a quest to evolve antiquated techniques for the new age. And it’s happening again now across today’s data infrastructures.

There’s no avoiding it: Big Data is revolutionizing business operations around the world. With an estimated market approaching $84 billion, data is the very engine delivering real competitive advantage. By capitalizing on actionable intelligence from big data, companies can improve customer experiences, reduce churn, and optimize operations. But the real challenge lies in engineering a new, modernized data infrastructure to transform complex data into intelligent insights.

At the foundation of successful big data strategies is an application and infrastructure layer where data is generated and hosted. The challenge is efficiently integrating data within an intelligent infrastructure for mining, extraction, and translation – thus making it business-relevant. This includes performing a gap analysis of data sets and establishing methodologies for cleansing data, reducing duplicates, and repairing lineages to empower a strong foundation. The modernized data infrastructure must also translate this information for the general line-of-business worker and incorporate accelerated reporting and analytics aligned with the real-time business demands. And while understanding these requirements is one thing, implementation is a different story.

When approaching these complexities, it’s imperative to have the right expertise on hand. Comprehensive data science and implementation services from companies like CenturyLink are often the best approach. Encompassing everything from data integration and data governance to predictive analytics, data visualization and business intelligence – these capabilities make it possible to conceptualize and deploy infrastructures built for analyzing custom data to match the specific business need.

Supported by a team of data scientists and big data solution architects, well-suited partners like CenturyLink ensure organizations are fully capable of monetizing data as a strategic asset. This expertise is fully backed by a holistic suite of analytics and business intelligence services focused on advanced predictive analysis, content-rich visualization applications, and data science methodologies (effectively driving Data-to-Decisions). These business-led solutions are essential for capturing competitive advantage, understanding target audiences, launching product roadmaps, and ensuring internal team satisfaction.

The quest is on to design powerful, modernized infrastructures that harness the value of information. Connect with CenturyLink today, and let us be your guide in the data revolution.

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