The Week in Links: Big Data Is No Longer the Biggest Deal

Welcome to “The Week in Links,” where we’ll feature a series of business and tech-focused articles that really got people talking this week.

  • What’s new with the Internet of Things?
  • How can hybrid cloud help governments better engage with citizens?
  • Why should retailers take a good look at location-based technology?

The answers to these questions, as well as the latest on other important business and IT trends, are discussed in this week’s articles. Read on:

The 3 Ways the Internet of Things Will Unfold

We’ve noted how the Internet of Things is fast coming more reality than pie-in-the-sky idea. A new InfoWorld article takes this further, outlining the specific ways IoT is evolving, and what that means for business. “There are three clusters of real IoT activities, and each is on its own path,” Galen Gruman writes. “Some paths may cross, but understanding the three separately will help you strategize about your own IoT engagement.”

It’s Official: The Internet of Things Takes Over Big Data as the Most Hyped Technology

It seems like just yesterday that Big Data was the biggest deal in tech. But things change, and, according to Gartner and explored in this recent Forbes article, the hype has waned. Big Data is, indeed, so yesterday. Gil Press writes in Forbes: “Big Data has moved down the ‘trough of disillusionment,’ replaced by the Internet of Things at the top of the hype cycle.”

Technology as Catalyst for Government Cloud Transformation

Governments are turning to technology to achieve better efficiency and cost savings, as well as to promote citizen engagement. But as more services and interactions move online, it’s important for governments to balance the benefits with their data security needs. What’s the solution? “Hybrid clouds can be an efficient tool for governments to achieve these desired results,” ZDNet’s Harish Pillay explains.

Patterns of Failure for Enterprise Cloud Computing Projects, and How to Avoid Them

It’s true for many organizations that cloud computing has become essential to business. And now that many enterprises are on their second or third cloud deployment, as Gigaom reports, we’re able to see patterns and help prevent future failures. Some of the challenges, David S. Linthicum writes, are the ability to properly translate core requirements to the right solutions, and the ability to map a solid business case to key metrics.

How Retailers Are Luring Customers With Location-Based Tech

The rise of technology adoption among retailers has led to better customer experiences, and in turn, better business. And the line between online and offline retail is blurring, thanks to technology. One tool, Joe Lazauskas with Forbes writes about in this article is location-sensing technologies like iBeacon, which is built into iOS devices. He finds it’s really showing promise for retailers seeking new ways to target customers.

What enterprise tech stories caught your attention this week?

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