Three months. It sure doesn’t seem like much time – especially when facing significant IT infrastructure upgrades. And while IT transformations like cloud and hybrid IT may seem complex and daunting, they must happen now – because the clock is ticking.

Digital transformations impact every area of the business, sparked by IT strategies built on speed, agility, and scalability. Embracing this revolution, organizations can serve their customers in new ways while streamlining business processes and bolstering performance. A recent survey by IDG Research Services names cloud and IT transformation as the leading areas of enterprise investment today. But despite this sense of urgency, initiatives are often put on the back-burner – as far too many resources are consumed by day-to-day management of the IT environment.

While IT evolutions must be considered ongoing, long-term strategic initiatives – it IS possible for enterprises to reap the benefits of these investments in just 90 days. Three particular areas often have the most dramatic and immediate impact: Colocation, Cloud, and Managed Services.

COLOCATION: As the building blocks for reliable infrastructures, data centers must be engineered and operated with uptime and resiliency in mind. To this end, the best plans, people and equipment should be in place to optimize facility operations that support the IT infrastructure that powers your business. The options are many, as organizations moving workloads to the cloud can choose designs ranging from in-house data centers or simple server room to data center colocation from the many available providers. Whatever the choice, it must provide seamless and efficient connection of legacy and cloud workloads and systems.

Choosing a colocation provider isn’t always a simple process and must be supported by extensive research to guarantee operational excellence benchmarks for availability and uptime. Top-tier colocation providers have the ability to spur significant data center transformations, but attention must be paid to the provider’s data center design and management practices to guarantee operational excellence as measured by The Uptime Institute M&O Stamp of Approval.

CLOUD: While an always-on, on-demand infrastructure is needed to meet ongoing customer demand in many industries, many enterprises lack the capital and resources to upgrade legacy infrastructures. By migrating core workloads to the cloud with the help of a reliable partner, many now have a fast, reliable way to begin the IT transformation.

Trusted cloud providers can quickly jumpstart IT growth initiatives, with offerings fully supported by proven, next-generation environments that are secure, reliable, and scalable. Resources are available as necessary, and supported by a single, integrated cloud platform natively equipped to manage complexity. Change happens quickly, with the best partners offering both infrastructure and management tools capable of meeting any scenario – from a few virtual machines, to new applications or full legacy workloads.

MANAGED SERVICES: Managed Services is a quick way to inject flexibility and agility into existing infrastructures. Designed to simplify, automate and accelerate complex processes, these services rapidly secure and optimize the network, core applications and foundational infrastructure. IT transformations can easily be adopted, despite limited budget and staff.

A services-based approach not only saves money, but empowers IT to focus its efforts on driving business growth and innovation. By transitioning internal staff from IT managers to business strategists, companies can dramatically reduce time-to-market and prepare for long-term customer requirements. Strong partners deliver functionality across the full services lifecycle – from design and build through operation.

With the IT evolution in full gear, enterprises are on the clock. Investments in colocation, cloud and managed services have the power to impact business today – while planning for tomorrow. And it can happen in 90 days. Contact our experts today – we’ll help you get started.

Originally ran in CenturyLink ForbesVoice

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