A glance at the agenda for any industry conference will tell you that cloud strategies were a huge IT topic in 2017, and the traffic here at ThinkGig was no exception. It is clear from our readers that the conversation has shifted from being simply about public vs. private vs. hybrid cloud to how manage workloads across your many cloudsThe top 10 blogs, determined by your interest, were:

  1. Succeeding with multi-cloud management: It’s clear that one cloud does not fit all needs so how do you manage your multiple clouds for optimal results
  1. Solving multi-cloud management issues: Our introduction of CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager proved to be a popular topic in 2017. We have no doubt that interest will continue in 2018.
  1. Assessing cloud readiness, strategy: The cloud is a much-touted destination for many applications and workloads. But you can’t rush to the cloud. You need a strategy and a clear assessment of whether you are ready.
  1. An application-driven world: In a multi-cloud world, you work with multiple providers. But what goes where? It’s all about the application and its needs.
  1. Multi-cloud – a stepbystep guide: Three key steps to building an enterprise multi-cloud strategy.
  1. Avoiding cloud busy work: Managing multiple clouds can take a lot of manual labor. That’s where managed cloud services can help.
  1. Cloud workload management: In a multi-cloud world, all clouds are not the same. That’s really important to understand because all workloads are not the same.
  1. Matching clouds and workloads: There are many aspects to this marriage of clouds and workloads. Here we define some of the terms of engagement.
  1. Optimize cloud workloads for cost: One of the biggest reasons you want to think long and hard about what application or workload runs in any particular cloud is cost.
  1. Common cloud challenges: The cloud is no panacea. That’s why Cloud Application Manager was architected to address common issues.

That’s just the top 10 cloud items you found interesting in 2017. If you missed it, take a look at our Top 10 Digital Transformation blogs of 2017 here. And as we head into the next year, stay with us as we offer advice and best practices for how to address new cloud trends and challenges.

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