Cybersecurity was at the top of business and IT decision makers’ priority lists in 2017.  With ransomware attacks and security breaches news hitting the headlines on a regular basis throughout the year, it was no surprise to us that our ThinkGig readers were perusing our cybersecurity-related content.   

Here’s a summary of the security blogs our readers were interested in this year:

  1. CenturyLink Named a Top 10 MSSP: CenturyLink Managed Security Services were recognized by MSSP Alert as #7 on their Top 10 provider list.
  1. Leading Lights Award Finalist: The experts at Light Reading also took notice and named CenturyLink Managed Security Services a finalist for their Leading Lights Awards.
  1. CenturyLink CSO on the “Hospital Model” of Cybersecurity: In this video, CenturyLink’s own chief security officer, Dave Mahon, shared his views on risk mitigation in cybersecurity.
  1. 4 Categories of Bad Actors to Protect Against: CenturyLink chief security officer Dave Mahon describes the four types of cybersecurity bad actors as he offers a new mindset.
  1. Cybersecurity is a Board-Level Concern: Security breaches are now getting deserved attention by boards of directors across industries.
  1. An Evolving and Changing Landscape: Constant change requires the right mindset for addressing cybersecurity. The threats will evolve and the toolsets will change. Your focus cannot.
  1. Cybersecurity Experts in Short Supply: The shortage of cybersecurity experts is real and as the threats proliferate, the shortage will get worse.
  1. Cybersecurity Under a Cloud: For many, the cloud raises new kinds of cybersecurity concerns. But it is also part of a strong security solution.
  1. Public Sector Wake Up Call: The public sector has unique cybersecurity concerns given the sensitivity and sheer volume of data in its coffers.
  1. Moving to a Proactive Cybersecurity Stance: Incorporating more threat intelligence and including cybersecurity into risk management disciplines at your company are just a few strategies our experts share.

Enterprise IT security will continue to be a hot topic here on ThinkGig in 2018.  Check back here often to read the latest expert insights or subscribe to our weekly digest to get the newest articles in your inbox.

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