Top 10 SXSW IT Talks for Business Leaders

South by Southwest Interactive, the annual gathering in Austin, Texas, of thousands of business, technology, marketing, and creative professionals to learn, share, network, and, well, party, starts Friday.

This year, topics important to business and IT leaders, such as Big Data, mobility, the Internet of Things, and wearable technology, will all have a big role in the conference, with various sessions devoted to exploring the technologies behind them, as well as important use cases for enterprises.

To make your SXSW planning easier, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most important sessions for enterprise technology leaders like you to attend:

Big Data Inverted: The Best Candy From Strangers?

This session explores “barricaded” societies — in which people close themselves off from experiences and information because they don’t fit usual patterns — and discusses how innovation and technology can help get information through the bars we unintentionally put up.

Big Data, Big Bandwidth: Next Generation Policy

In this panel, you’ll learn how better bandwidth and Big Data can help promote advances in in video, health, public safety, or research, and education, and why innovation infrastructure and the policies surrounding its growth are so important.

How Using Big Data Can Tell Personalized Stories

Dive into storytelling in this talk. You’ll hear how Big Data has the power to be more than just a collection of cold, factual, and dehumanized facts. You can use data to tell real human stories and bring real meaning to the numbers.

The Future of Sports Can Be Found in the Data

At this session you’ll learn how data, analytics, and wearable technology are being used to maximize athletes’ performance. Leaders in athletic technology will talk about how their products are changing the sports world.

Patients First: Why Open Data Can Save Healthcare

Data transparency can change patient outcomes, drive digital innovation, and create opportunities for science and economic growth, the U.S. and U.K. speakers for this panel say. Join this session to learn how they propose to release data and make access easy for entrepreneurs, patients, and other professionals.

The Internet of Cars

A big “thing” in the Internet of Things is the car. The auto industry is a leader in connecting devices, with integrated apps, vehicle data, and the data cloud, and speakers in this panel will describe how automakers are embracing the developer community with their integrated in-vehicle technologies.

High Speed Evolution Weapons of Mass Collaboration

New generic top-level domains will turn the Internet in to 500 purpose- and interest-based containers, with each becoming a focused social network. Attend this panel to learn how the future of social will allow enterprises and governments to roll out their own social networks in their own clouds, owning their business intelligence — and what that means for existing networks.

Mobile – from Apps to the Enterprise

This session focuses on the enterprise approach to mobile to deal with concerns like scalability, trust, security, data management, quality of service, and end-to-end programming models. Hear about lessons learned and best practices from companies that are delivering enterprise mobility.

Innovative Apps Are Key to Wearable Tech Adoption

There’s no escaping wearable technology — but are these devices just a fad or a tool businesses can use and see real benefit from? This talk will go over some compelling business opportunities for wearables, including 3D augmented reality for logistics, training, and wellness.

I’ve Got Social Data, Now What? A Retailer’s Guide

Sure, businesses are collecting massive amounts of data, including social data, but are they actually using it to the greatest benefit? This panel explores how to make good use of social data, and it will provide concrete examples of customer experiences powered by social data.

What other business technology panels are you looking forward to attending at SXSW this year?

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