A seismic shift is taking place across global IT networks. Applications are moving to the cloud and are getting more complex, more and more mobile and IoT devices are being connected to the network, as are branch offices, partners and suppliers. Network managers must accommodate this growth while still keeping costs down, application performance high and with the same security of a closed network –quite a challenge that can’t be solved with traditional network tools and architecture. This requires a new approach to networking and a rethinking of WAN architecture altogether.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is changing how IT leaders think about their networks – and the ability to manage it. Like agile, dynamic cloud computing that was made possible as a result of virtualization software, the network’s new focus is virtualization, abstracting lower-level functionality to enable software-defined network services management and along with it greater agility, elasticity and responsiveness to digital business demands. SD-WAN utilizes software to intelligently route traffic with application awareness over a mix of private, wireless, and low-cost broadband network access. Networks therefore become more dynamic and innovative.

That’s why CenturyLink continues to encourage better education of this trend. During the past year, our experts have hosted a range of detailed content to explore the network transformation. Here are a few of the most popular blogs:

  • Instantly Better WAN: We provide readers with an introduction to CenturyLink’s SD-WAN offering, the fully managed solution that streamlines WAN operations. The blog is intended to stimulate discussion on creation of the most agile and responsive wide-area networks.
  • Walk Me To the Car: This blog is a primer on SD-WAN. Offering technology analysis, our team also arms readers with the top advantages to adoption and overcoming risks.
  • The Flexible WAN: Sure, SD-WAN has its benefits – but don’t invest without the proper research. This piece analyzes major considerations prior to investment – including staff training, contract audits, and convincing senior leaders to buy in.
  • Solving Branch Issues: This article and related whitepaper investigate top issues in the modern branch network, including managing higher bandwidth applications like video – and analysis of complex cloud and storage requirements. Readers are introduced to CenturyLink Managed SD-WAN, making adoption of software-defined processes easier and more cost effective.
  • Risky Business: Software drives efficiency, but can you eliminate risk? This blog explores the challenges of WAN security – emphasizing new analysis from IDC. Encountering an unprecedented number of security threats, businesses demand a new ways to secure the WAN. Our experts detail better protection via SD-WAN, shifting from traditional hardware models to software-based solutions.
  • Ask the Experts: We turn to the industry experts at Frost & Sullivan to define the challenges and risks associated with SD-WAN. Drawing a distinction from Hybrid WAN, the piece stresses the role of IT and why software-defined infrastructures are critical to achieving the agile network.

On the road to next-generation IT, advanced SD-WAN solutions are critical to guiding the transformation. Teaming with industry experts like CenturyLink can make a software-based future more attainable. See why our team of experts puts your business on the right track!

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