As 2017 draws to a close, it is worth looking back at what topics garnered the most interest over the past year. We covered many different aspects of digital transformation in the past 12 months – from how to build your strategy to highlights from our global study of enterprises with 451 Research to tips for overcoming roadblocks. Here were the ten that rose to the top:

  1. Customer experience as a digital transformation driver: Our work with 451 Research revealed the top three reasons improving customer experiences drives digital transformation strategies.
  1. A guide to transforming government IT: The public sector is under great pressure to modernize its IT strategies and infrastructure. But it’s a journey, not an event.
  1. Digital transformation insights from 451 Research: This work proved very popular during the year and informed many of our posts. Here we discussed the four pillars of digital transformation along with the other key insights derived from this global study.
  1. Digital transformation for competitive advantage: Earlier this year, we asked companies “What is the single biggest threat to your business?” The consensus across the board was that digital technology is transforming the competitive landscape. Organizations that recognize this and begin formulating and implementing a strategy have the competitive advantage.
  1. Digital transformation podcast series: We launched a podcast series on digital transformation by interviewing Scott Brindamour, senior director of the solution architect team, on obstacles, solutions and long-term strategies for digital transformation.
  1. Accelerating transformation: Many organizations want to change, but change is never easy. Here we offer some insights via a video analyzing digital transformation as an agent of change.
  1. Hybrid IT takes a little balance: Hybrid IT architectures, by definition, offer different choices of infrastructure combinations. While cloud-based hosting is often a long-term goal, finding the right combination of infrastructure and providers to get started on digital transformation for your particular business is the key.
  1. Mapping out public-sector digital transformation: Another in a popular series of posts on the journey to public-sector digital transformation. The key – you need a map.
  1. 5 ways to kick-start your digital transformation: More from our global study with 451 Research. You might be surprised how many organizations do not yet have a formal digital transformation strategy.
  1. Getting to digital transformation from wherever you are: This post offers suggestions for how to overcome legacy IT barriers to transformation and how Hybrid IT strategies can help.

And that’s just the top 10. Suffice it to say that you had a lot on your mind this year when you were thinking about digital transformation. I’m sure you’re still thinking about it and planning for 2018. So we will continue sharing insights as this journey to digital transformation rolls across the globe.

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