Recognizing the need to modernize networks, federal agencies are looking for ways to migrate from legacy systems to capitalize on the rapidly evolving Digital Transformation. More traffic than ever is flowing across networks – demanding heightened levels of agility and security. Federal agencies must ensure they aren’t lagging behind with legacy frameworks unable to meet new demands.

Driving change isn’t easy, as Federal agencies still allocate 70 percent of their budgets to maintaining current technology. But, implementing network changes can save more than $1 billion each year. Highly restrictive budgets are often the culprit, with older networks requiring far too much time and resources to leave room for innovation. The mandate is clear: Shift priorities now to prepare for the future.

Some of the top priorities for today’s agencies are cloud, big data, mobility and data centers – powering new alternatives like Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). Adoption can dramatically improve scalability of network services, while lowering overall total cost of ownership of hardware and improving automation. An added layer of network security is an ongoing imperative, but the drag of older security tools competes with today’s security and compliance demands.

Constrained by budgets and resources, many are turning to partners like CenturyLink and Ciena to enable change. Their joint expertise in advanced network strategies is backed by next-generation hardware, software and services – enabling agencies to stay within budget and maintain resource efficiency. For federal agencies, the time is now to prepare for what’s next in the digital transformation.

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