In a recent risk mitigation study conducted by analyst firm, 451 Research, we confirmed that today’s organizations are looking for new ways to improve their customers’ experiences. Whether it’s updating prices real-time to reflect current sales promotions in brick and mortar stores, or enabling world-class online shopping that’s easy and fast, a seamless customer shopping experience is important to keep your valued customers returning.

It’s also no surprise that the need to protect customer data was a predominant theme in these research findings. Business and IT decision-makers at 1,400 organizations across the globe said that securing their customers’ data was a top concern in their digital transformation strategy.   Respondents also said that risk mitigation should be baked into every component of their IT transformation projects. But protecting an organization against ALL cybersecurity risks isn’t feasible: Budgets and personnel are limited, and attackers are becoming savvier.

So, what should a company do? We have a number of blogs and papers published on our website to help, but the first step is the most important one – find IT and security experts to share their knowledge and best-practices. CenturyLink can help. Our team will help guide you through both your digital transformation and cybersecurity strategy like we’ve done with a number of organizations such as yours. Make the modernization of your legacy infrastructure agile and rock-solid now, so your customers can be WOWed tomorrow.

Check out the infographic from 451 Research on how to Mitigate Risk through Digital Transformation:


Watch our on-demand webinar: Cybersecurity CSO Lessons Learned

And read the full report: Risk Mitigation on the Road to Digital Transformation

If you have questions, or would like help with your digital transformation strategy, contact our experts today.

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