We’re excited about ElasticBox, to put it mildly. (In case you missed it, CenturyLink announced the acquisition of the multi-cloud platform company this morning.)

This acquisition enhances CenturyLink’s position as a multi-cloud management provider. In fact, many customers are using ElasticBox today to standardize and streamline application deployment and infrastructure management across clouds – all from a single interface.

One of ElasticBox’s many strengths is that it enables developers to write an application once and then easily deploy it on any cloud architecture without “lock-in”. How? ElasticBox solves this issue by encapsulating the components of an application into pre-configured boxes. These boxes can then be mixed and matched to create and run multi-tiered applications in whatever cloud the user desires. Developers can also share boxes throughout their company. If this sounds a lot like containers and Docker – you’re right.  ElasticBox supports these too.

ElasticBox’s innovative approach fits hand-in-glove with CenturyLink, and it bolsters our strategy to be a premier multi-cloud provider globally. Our own portfolio of cloud services – CenturyLink Cloud – will be enhanced by ElasticBox’s ability to drive a superior customer experience across multiple clouds.

Let me explain how this will take shape. CenturyLink’s long-term strategy is to offer our own cloud to those customers who want to connect existing infrastructure to elastic cloud components, and take advantage of our unique and differentiating features. Other cloud providers can be managed with ElasticBox for other scenarios, with CenturyLink managed services support on these environments added over time.

The ElasticBox capabilities appeal to a range of organizations – many of our customers are already using one or more third-party clouds, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM/SoftLayer. By offering multi-cloud management through CenturyLink, customers will benefit from simplified management of their cloud services, while our team of managed services experts can administer customer environments, wherever the apps may be running.

The ElasticBox service provides a highly adaptive hybrid cloud model that helps customers standardize the deployment process and provisioning policies. And new resources and innovations from CenturyLink are expected to build on this hybrid cloud application management platform to deliver end-to-end network, multi-cloud and hybrid IT managed services.

You can see why we’re so excited for what the future holds!

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