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The Enterprise
Ready Cloud
IT as a service for a competitive advantage.
Explore the CenturyLink enterprise ready cloud.
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A Cloud For Complex IT
and Business Operations
Purpose built for global IT operations and ready for the complexities of your business.

CenturyLinkâ„¢'s hybrid-ready public cloud provides the agility, scalability and security expected from an enterprise-class cloud, backed by an industry leading global network. CenturyLink delivers a powerful hybrid-ready cloud with the governance, automation and advanced features required to drive business solutions forward. Get CenturyLink cloud infrastructure, platform services, orchestration, and managed services all in a single integrated platform.

Gartner 2015
Magic Quadrant
For Cloud IaaS

The market for cloud compute infrastructure as a service is maturing and rapidly evolving. Strategic providers must be chosen carefully. Gain insights into the future of public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service with a detailed analysis of all the major vendors.

See why CenturyLink was named a visionary by Gartner.

Purpose Built for Enterprise IT
Breakthrough performance for data and web scale architectures.
20K IOPS – Performance up to 20K IOPS
10Gbps – Optimized 10Gbps networking between applicationstiers
Multi-Layer Security – Multi-Layer Security for systems and data
99.99% uptime – 99.99% Uptime for every customer

Solutions That Accelerate Business Performance

CenturyLink is a hands-on solutions partner that brings together the right people, industry best practices, and comprehensive network and IT services to accelerate your business.

Managed Services

CenturyLink Managed Services secure and optimize your network, applications and infrastructure so you can compete at the speed of business.

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The CenturyLink Cloud® Difference
When compared to competitive offerings our customers say that we outperform and exceed their expectations in these key areas:
Architecting Against Application Failure
Protect cloud applications from downtime with 'builtforfailure' services.

Today's businesses demand 24x7x365 availability of information and services. CenturyLink offers resilient cloud services that keep your applications and data continuously available. Learn how CenturyLink high availability best practices can protect your company from unplanned or extended outages.

Provides high-availability applications using CenturyLink best practices.

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