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A comprehensive set of self-service, elastic resources available on-demand.

Our cloud compute solutions offer a breadth of services that fit any enterprise workload-regardless of application architecture or degree of isolation required. Create public cloud servers that scale and adapt to your business need or get the agility of a public cloud platform from your private cloud. Whatever you choose, our extensive offerings allow you to concentrate on your business instead of maintaining your existing infrastructure.

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Cloud Servers

Build high performance public cloud servers using any mix of OS, CPU, memory, and storage without getting locked into generic server sizes. Servers that include essential options like auto scale, which automatically scales up and down based on user-defined thresholds, and are optimized across the stack for high performance.

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Private Cloud

Our public cloud stack is offered as a dedicated node with physical isolation, available in nearly 60 data centers across the globe. CenturyLink Private Cloud delivers the same agility and automation you would receive in a public cloud environment in an isolated environment.

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Platform as a Service (Paas)

AppFog, based on Cloud Foundry, makes it easy to create, scale and manage cloud-native apps. Focus on writing code, and let AppFog handle load balancing as well as the underlying runtime, middleware, and compute. Supports Java, Node.js, Ruby and more. In addition, we also offer a single-tenant version of Pivotal Cloud Foundry for those who desire a dedicated option.

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