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Atlanta Data Center

Commitment to Compliance

CenturyLink is dedicated to continuously improving and maintaining compliance and standards that are critical to customers.

Space to Grow

As part of our network of over 60 CenturyLink data centers around the globe, the Atlanta facility enables enterprise technology to be more agile, secure and sustainable.

Augmenting colocation solutions with a comprehensive suite of managed services and cloud, the Atlanta data center addresses rising demands for interconnectivity and infrastructure.

The Atlanta data center is one of the most sophisticated multi-tenant offerings in the region. This innovative facility provides network diverse connectivity, rigorous critical systems infrastructure and multi-tier security. With a full complement of colocation, public and private cloud, and managed services, and more than 86,000 sq/ft of dedicated raised floor space, the Atlanta data center supports immediate growth needs of important telecommunication, enterprise, and financial institution markets.


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Data Center Location

Atlanta Data Center Location


AT1: Lithia Springs, GA

Space: 86,005 sf   Power: 6.8 MW

Tech Specs

AT1: Lithia Springs  Space: 86,005 Power: 6.8 MW

Real Estate Summary

  • Located near Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, 30 minutes from Atlanta, GA
  • One story building
  • Total building interior (sf) = 86,005
  • Raised floor (inches) = 30

Electrical Summary

  • Greystone Power Corporation provides power feeds
  • Power density minimum (W/sf) = 150
  • Generator configuration = N + 1 + 1
  • Total Power Capacity = 6.8 MW
  • Minimum two fuel replenishing companies

Fire Detection and Suppression Summary

  • VESDA provides early warning detection
  • Pre-Action system utilizes two detection methods; one ionized and one photo electric detector interlocked with the dry pipe sprinkler system

Mechanical Summary

  • Cooling system configuration= N+1
  • CenturyLink manages temperature and humidity to strict ASHRAE standard

More Locations

Over 60 Data Center Locations Worldwide

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