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LO1: Slough, UK

Space: 61,445 ft2

Power: 13.5 MW

LO3: London, UK

Space: 34,850 ft2

Power: 1.5 MW

LO4: London, UK

Space: 14,488 ft2

Power: 7 MW

LO5: Slough, UK

Space: 38,750 ft2

Power: 13.5 MW

LO6: Reading, UK

Space: 308,405 ft2

Power: 6 MW

Denotes financial data center

FR6: Frankfurt, Germany

Space: 4,300 ft2

Power: .5 MW

Physical Security

CenturyLink physical and logical security measures help protect your IT infrastructure from potential compromises, by providing multiple layers of protection at each CenturyLink data center.

Onsite Support

Drive greater efficiency by leveraging infrastructure professionals with extensive technical, management and IT support experience.

Network Connectivity

CenturyLink is a Tier 1 ISP and has its own global OC-192 network providing interconnection to all of our data centers as well as other POPS around the world. We offer a variety of connectivity options, including Internet bandwidth, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), virtual private network (VPN), Ethernet virtual private line (EVPL), Ethernet private line (EPL) and private line services.


As your one-stop shop for all your infrastructure needs, we offer a virtually unparalleled breadth of products to help you run a more efficient, effective, and profitable business.


CenturyLink delivers clean, continuous power to your critical systems, with power densities up to 50kW per cabinet.


Sophisticated HVAC, fire suppression and seismic engineering capabilities protect your valuable systems and data from natural and man-made catastrophes.

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