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Data Network
Best In Class Connectivity
Today's business relies on high-speed, on-demand networking to empower employees, satisfy customers, and keep you competitive.
How to go beyond availability and reliability.
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Proven Leadership in Global Data Networking

CenturyLink operates a robust international MPLS network that is agile, reliable, and secure.

An insufficient or unreliable data network can undermine all other IT efforts, and the cost of network outages can cripple any business. Built to do more, the CenturyLink network is designed to be a solid backbone to hybrid IT infrastructure deployments worldwide.

CenturyLink delivers a secure, seamless, single pane-of-glass experience for managing your IT needs, allowing you to automatically request the network and computing infrastructure resources required to meet your performance demands. Because the needs of every enterprise are unique, CenturyLink works with its customers to design network solutions that meet their business and geographic requirements—not ours.

No matter if you have local, national, or global service needs, CenturyLink has integrated data solutions that can keep your business reliably connected and operational.

Secure Data Networks For Local, Regional,
or Global Service Needs
CenturyLink has integrated data services that will keep
any size business reliably connected and operational.

Solutions That Accelerate Business Performance

CenturyLink is a hands-on solutions partner that brings together the right people, industry best practices, and comprehensive network and IT services to accelerate your business.

Managed Services

CenturyLink Managed Services secure and optimize your network, applications and infrastructure so you can compete at the speed of business.

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Today's Businesses Run on IT Availability

How Do I Assess
My IT Vulnerabilities?

You're only as strong as your weakest link

Quantify your IT vulnerabilities and identify the weakest link in your infrastructure. Understand the impact that weak links can have on the future of your business

Explore the options to strengthen any faults and lower any risks that might compromise the 24x7 operation of your infrastructure. CenturyLink is trusted by some of the world's most risk-averse companies to identify and strengthen the vulnerabilities in their infrastructure so they can focus on revenue-generating activities.


Find the Right Technology Partner

Enterprise data contains lots of valuable business insights that need extracting with newer data-driven analytic techniques.

IT organizations spend 80% of their budgets in maintenance of their existing systems, leaving only 20% to drive innovation. Increasingly, portions of IT budgets are being spent by other departments. Partners can shift budgets away from 'keeping the lights on' to working with departmental business leaders to keep pace with the change of business.

Quickly responding to changes in your business can be your focus if you select a trusted and capable IT partner to keep you up and running. Learn more about partnering with CenturyLink to build exceptional customer experiences through more agile IT.

Learn how to pick the perfect partner for greater IT agility.

The Denver Broncos
Build on CenturyLink

When the population inside Mile High Stadium balloons to 76,000 each Sunday, the Denver Broncos turn to CenturyLink to handle the load. For everything from storage, servers and applications to virtualization platforms and networking, CenturyLink supports the Broncos on the field and across their entire infrastructure.

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