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Capitalize on Business Opportunities with a Reliable, Flexible Network

CenturyLink® Ethernet Network Solutions include Layer 2 networking products that deliver the secure high-performance connectivity you need along with the flexibility to adapt to new business applications.

Ethernet provides a secure, reliable, high-performance backbone to help your company manage data growth, drive application performance and securely connect your locations. CenturyLink Ethernet Network Solutions allow you to customize your business connectivity to keep your data flowing everywhere it needs to go.

Enable Greater Productivity
Connect virtual work groups to reliably communicate across geographic locations with low latency connections.

Cost Savings
Eliminate higher cost private lines. Ethernet offers granular bandwidth options and the ability to upgrade easily with quick turnaround.

Increase Efficiency
Ethernet network architecture offers lower traffic transit delay which effectively supports sensitive business applications.

Ease of Adoption
Ethernet network technology is an extension of your current office LAN network to multiple business locations, therefore your IT staff is already familiar with how to effectively manage.

Optimize Network Resources
Utilize your IT resources for innovation rather than network maintenance.

Ethernet is an enterprise-class network backed by strong end-to-end performance SLAs for latency, jitter and packet loss.

Security and Control
Ethernet Network Solutions utilize dedicated, private connections while you maintain control of your routing to achieve higher security of your traffic.

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CenturyLink Ethernet Network Solutions

Get All the Right Connections

Select the right Ethernet connectivity options to build and support your performance network. CenturyLink offers metro and national cost-effective Ethernet options to handle all of your business applications.

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet service combines the power of Ethernet and optical technologies across metropolitan area networks (MANs) to provide low cost, scalable and secure bandwidth. Metro Ethernet provides local area network LAN-to-LAN connectivity between two or more customer locations within a metro area. Our Metro Ethernet solution is based on distributed Layer 2 switching and shared transport data bandwidth, and is suitable for data applications.

E-Line is a national and metro Ethernet private line service that connects customer sites within and between major metro markets across the United States. It uses Layer 2 Ethernet with dedicated bandwidth in granular steps from 5 to 1000Mbps. It meets the business challenge of eliminating inefficiencies by transporting business-critical information between multiple customer sites and data centers at low latency in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configurations. E-Line increases return on investment as an economical service that’s still suitable for demanding enterprise applications.

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Broad Nationwide Ethernet Presence with 2,300+ Locations in 35 States


CenturyLink Ethernet Technical Specifications

CenturyLink Ethernet is a Layer 2 networking service built on our next generation network platform that enables customers to connect multiple business locations within a metro area, regionally or nationwide (subject to availability). With a new enhanced portal, rapid provisioning and fast fault notification and initiaition, managing your network just got a lot easier with CenturyLink Ethernet.

CenturyLink Ethernet can provide network connectivity for Intranet, VoIP &  Internet that can solve for a broad variety of applications such as interactive video, internet streaming audio/video, interactive transaction data, point of sale transactions, network attached storage, financial trading and much more.

Key Features

  • Metro, Regional and National connectivity (subject to availability)
  • Multiple Service Configurations available
    • EPLINE: Point-to-Point service
    • EVPLINE: Point-to-Multipoint service with Multiplexing
    • EPLAN: Multipoint-to-Multipoint service
    • EVPLAN: Multipoint-to-Multipoint service with Multiplexing
  • Three Network Interface Device options - small, medium and large
  • Automated Programmable Interface (API) supported network
  • Ability to control how VLANs are mapped into specific services, including VLAN bundling
  • Enhanced portal functionality such as:
    • Electronic Billing
    • Trouble Service Management – View and Create Trouble Ticket
    • Service Hub Inventory – Viewing summary and detail for CE Services
    • Alert Center –Notifications for Billing and Repair
    • Performance Reporting
    • Order Status Tracking (future)
  • End to End SLA

Metro Ethernet Technical Specifications

Metro Ethernet from CenturyLink is a Layer 2 networking service that enables customers to extend their office LAN network to multiple business locations within metro areas.

It’s an ideal solution when evolving from legacy technologies, providing more bandwidth per dollar than the higher cost Private Lines and is more cost effective than MPLS networking solutions—especially for metro applications.


  • The CenturyLink Metro Ethernet network is a highly robust and reliable network. It’s also:
    • Widely available in metro areas within 35 states
    • MEF certified
    • Designed in a redundant ring configuration with redundant processors and power supplies; utilizes Automatic Failover within the backbone
    • Proactively monitored and maintained 24x7x365 through proven practices to mitigate unexpected outages and downtime
    • Backed by industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    • Supported  by end-to-end web-based reporting tools on a per site basis
  • Multiple topology options: Point-to-Point, Multipoint-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Multipoint
  • Supports port-based and VLAN-based services for a wide variety of applications
  • Includes a Network Management Device (NID) at the customer premise to serve as a Monitoring and Management device and as the demark to the customer
  • Prioritization of service (CoS/QoS) available in multiple bandwidth profiles for a variety of applications
  • Deterministic routing enables a low latency connection for critical business traffic

E-Line Technical Specifications

E-Line uses Ethernet over MPLS over a non-oversubscribed dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) network.

It delivers a marked improvement along point-to-point connections to data centers and storage-area networking including: disaster recovery, business continuity, Internet access, peering and meet-me interconnections. After E-Line is configured for multiplexing (multiple virtual circuits per port from one location routed to other E-Line locations), you can have hub and spoke multi-site connections within or between any E-Line market.

Using E-Line offers many advantages over a traditional private line service. You get the same reliability you depend on with private line. Plus, you also get increased choice of bandwidth granularity, improved operational efficiency, reduced cost and greater flexibility that all together offers increased return on investment.


  • Metro (MAN) & national (WAN) availability in 40 POPs across major cities in 22 states as well as Washington DC. Additional 200+ markets served via NNI backhaul and 3rd party local access agreements
  • MEF, IEEE and ITU compliant
  • Supports point-to-point (EPL) or point-to-multipoint (E-Tree) applications
  • Highly secure. E-Line Ensures your network is not accessible from the outside to unwanted access or traffic while all your traffic remains isolated from other customers on the CenturyLink private line network
  • Bandwidth options of 5Mbps up to 1000Mbps in granular steps
  • Proactively monitored and maintained 24x7x365 through proven practices to mitigate unexpected outages and downtime
  • Backed by industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Supported by end-to-end web-based reporting tools on a per site basis


CenturyLink Ethernet

CenturyLink Ethernet (CE) is a next-generation Layer 2 networking service that enables businesses to extend their LAN network to connect multiple locations spread across metro, regional or national footprints. CE is delivered over CenturyLink’s latest network platform that employs automated, programmable, rapid provisioning technology. This enhanced service allows for significantly reduced service delivery timeframes, automated proactive notification in the event of a fault, reduced repair intervals and an advanced self-service portal is designed to ease network management.



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