Managed Hybrid SD-WAN Solutions


Applications Get Top Priority with an All-in-One SD-WAN

Gain complete application control using a cohesive WAN architecture that integrates broadband Internet access, MPLS, traffic management, QoS and security. 

Forward-thinking network professionals now want to evolve wide-area networks to securely and cost-effectively support both on-premises enterprise and cloud applications across all their business locations. Today, nearly half of all enterprise applications are accessed via the Internet, but legacy networks can make that problematic since most don’t provide easy, fast, or secure access to cloud applications for all geographic and branch locations.

Separate, non-integrated networks increase security risks, limit performance visibility and increase costs. But SD-WAN technology eliminates those headaches by enabling you to integrate separate networks and create a secure, cost-effective, high-performance network across different transports.

With CenturyLink® Managed Hybrid SD-WAN solutions, we give you multiple SD-WAN packaged options to choose from making your network deployments easy because we implement and manage it all for you. Our service removes the complexities of hybrid WAN operations while providing you with higher service levels, greater visibility, and secure control. Now you can support the cloud applications and new digital transformation projects your enterprise needs while at the same time keeping your MPLS connections in place, enabling you to seamlessly evolve to a next generation network.

Managed Hybrid SD-WAN Solutions allows you to:

  • Deliver the best application experiences across your diverse IT environment – regardless of location (on-premises or in the cloud)
  • Reduce the resource requirements needed to support a large multi-site, multi-transport hybrid SD-WAN
  • Lower business risks with enhanced security to better protect against cyberthreats
  • Lower connectivity costs while increasing total bandwidth

Digital Transformation Demands a New Network Strategy

The network is at the heart of your digital transformation. Build a hybrid network strategy that simplifies management and boosts agility.

How to Control Application Performance across a Hybrid WAN


Managed Hybrid SD-WAN Solution Packages

Learn about our complete multisite business connectivity solutions that include network, equipment, and management—all for a predictable monthly rate per site.

Package What's Included Ideal For
  • Two SD-WAN Devices
  • Two Transports (MPLS & Broadband)
  • Upgrade Options
    • Enhanced Security Add-On
  • Robust SLA
MPLS offices desiring equipment redundancy that need secure, direct access to both cloud applications via the Internet and on-premise apps via MPLS


  • One SD-WAN Device
  • Two Transports (MPLS & Broadband)
  • Upgrade Options
    • Enhanced Security Add-On
  • Robust SLA
Larger MPLS branches, Data Centers and Headquarters that need secure, direct access to both cloud applications via the Internet and on-premise apps via MPLS


  • One SD-WAN Device
  • One Transport (Broadband)
  • Upgrade Options
    • Enhanced Security Add-On
  • Robust SLA
Small branches without MPLS that need secure, direct access to cloud apps via the Internet

Also, CenturyLink SD-WAN can be added stand-alone to your existing network if you prefer to source and manage transport yourself and use CenturyLink just for managing your SD-WAN technology.  Learn More

Test Drive CenturyLink SD-WAN with No Obligation

See how CenturyLink SD-WAN can make your network instantly better with a no-commitment 90-day trial run.

90-day Trial Offer: Requires signed trial agreement. Qualifying business customers only. Services not available everywhere. CenturyLink may change, cancel, or substitute offers and services, or vary them by service area at its sole discretion without notice. Additional restrictions apply.  See trial agreement for full offer terms and conditions. 



Premium SD-WAN Components

  • Site equipment (SD-WAN X86 Customer Premise Equipment)
  • Software licenses
  • Management portal
  • Direct Internet access with stateful firewall available at each site
  • Encryption capability
  • Intelligent path optimization
  • Application optimization
  • Use of infrastructure controllers
  • Zero-touch installation
  • Designate groups and zones
  • Ability to chain service requests
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Enhanced Security Add-on Features:
    • Next generation firewall
    • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
    • DDoS protection

Data Network/Transport (Broadband Internet and MPLS with Ethernet local access)

  • MPLS/Ethernet Local Access Options: 5 Mb, 20 Mb, 100 Mb
  • Broadband Internet Options: 15 Mb, 50 Mb, 100 Mb

Service Management for the Entire Solution

  • Bundling of all network services and equipment
  • Single point of contact (SPOC) for all service providers
  • Provider management
  • Deployment and configuration management
  • Provisioning
  • Monitoring, incident and problem management
  • Performance tuning
  • Change management

SD-WAN Partner: Versa Networks

  • The software technology that enables CenturyLink to build a private network over any type of connectivity
  • Acts as a management and analytics platform that allows customers to define and manage their networks in real-time

About Versa Networks’ Platform

  • Built Specifically for SD-WAN networks
  • Scalable to 10,000+ locations
  • Supports multi-tenant environments
  • Shared infrastructure and cost
  • Developed by team who coded JunOS and Juniper MX
  • Detailed analytics standard


Managed Hybrid SD-WAN Reference Architecture 



Policies allow for traffric to failover between transport connections based on business requirements


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