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Private Line Solutions

Point-to-point connections that fit your business style.

Whether you need the high-speed efficiency of Ethernet or the cost-controlling benefits of analog service, our private line services deliver dedicated connections for all your voice and data needs. Private lines are secure and help you stay competitive with quick access to all of your critical information.

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Domestic Private Line

Extend the reach of your internal business communications.

To adapt and compete in today's fast-moving markets, you need to be able to cost-efficiently extend the reach of your internal business communications. CenturyLink® Domestic Private Line provides exceptional reliability, accessibility, and scalability to protect your critical business traffic from uncertainty and downtime.

An end-to-end private connection lets your company deliver growing volumes of data, video, and voice quickly and securely over greater distances. Advanced synchronization technologies ensure high-speed performance for all your private line traffic, from DS-0 to OC-N. Deployed over the CenturyLink network, a full range of services are available to meet all your private line needs through a single solution.


  • Robust SLAs for 99.999% network availability
  • Support for voice, video, and Internet
  • Four-fiber, bidirectional line-switched ring technology, the gold standard in synchronous optical networking (SONET)
  • Multiplexing available at DS-1, DS-3, and OC-N circuit levels based on customer-selected options and restrictions
  • Network monitoring and management to achieve high levels of performance
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Domestic Network Diversity service enhancement for point-to-point transmission between two CenturyLink points of presence (POPs) as a distinct circuit from your primary on-net circuit; available as POP diversity, ring diversity, or route diversity (on request and subject to availability).


  • Support reliable transport service through secure connections
  • Enjoy the flexibility that allows you to build network configurations
  • Improve cost efficiency by combining multiple incongruent services (data, IP, ATM, voice, video, etc.) over one line with a single channelized interface, and aggregating slower speed services onto high-bandwidth trunks
  • Strengthen security and protect the confidentiality of your information through a dedicated facility
  • Connect multiple signals or locations through multiplexing
  • Improve disaster recovery planning and continuity of operations through Enhanced Diversity routing
  • Minimize delays to accommodate even the most delay-sensitive applications

How Domestic Private Line Works

CenturyLink Domestic Private Line Service provides a fixed capacity of bandwidth for transport of your digital communications traffic, utilizing and conforming to SONET standards that originate and terminate a physical connection at a CenturyLink-specified demarcation point located in the CenturyLink POP. The service extends to and includes the equipment maintained by CenturyLink that is necessary to connect the service to the customer's interconnection facilities at the CenturyLink-specified network interface points.

Interconnection, colocation, and local access services are not included as part of the Domestic Private Line service, but may be ordered in conjunction, either through CenturyLink or other telecommunications providers.

International Private Line

Go global with a single dedicated solution.

Global expansion can come at a high cost to your business if it means patching together a complex array of international networks from multiple providers—and hoping your systems stay reliable and secure.

But now, CenturyLink International Private Line provides a single, cost-effective solution for connectivity between the United States and major cities throughout Europe and Asia. A private, end-to-end connection keeps your communications system up and running with the speed, power, flexibility, and bandwidth required for today's key business applications.

Multi-layered security prevents unauthorized users from accessing your enterprise information. Instead of managing multiple providers, CenturyLink provides a single point of contact and a single bill, in a single currency and language, for all your service needs. Simplifying international connectivity while lowering total cost of ownership, International Private Line lets you grow more efficiently wherever your business takes you.

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  • Tamper-resistant fiber-optic synchronous optical network (SONET) and synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH)-protected circuits
  • Up to 99.95% availability SLA for point-of-presence (POP)-to-POP protected service
  • Simplified troubleshooting through single-circuit monitoring
  • Seamless high-speed upgrades for DS-1 and DS-3 circuits
  • Unified, fixed-amount billing for global connectivity


  • Enhance security and restorability with fiber-optic SONET and SDH-protected circuits
  • Speed up problem diagnosis by monitoring a single circuit rather than multiple dedicated lines
  • Get the flexibility to expand transmission capabilities to meet changing requirements
  • Upgrade multiple DS-1s and DS-3s to high-speed services quickly and easily
  • Improve cost-effectiveness with competitively priced solutions specifically designed to meet your requirements
  • Eliminate unexpected cost increases and simplify budgeting with fixed-amount billing

How International Private Line Works

CenturyLink International Private Line Services provides international connectivity between the United States and major cities around the world. Asia-bound circuits pass through CenturyLink's West Coast gateway for trans-Pacific transport and termination on the CenturyLink® AsiaLink® network. The AsiaLink® Private Line Services network includes coverage for Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo.

CenturyLink also offers Private Line services to Europe and additional countries around the world through strategic relationships. Service into these locations is provided to CenturyLink by third-party global service providers that have award-winning global networks and long-standing business relationships with CenturyLink.

T1/DS1 and T3/DS3 Services image

Private Line: T1/DS1 and T3/DS3 Services

Enhance network performance while improving your bottom line.

Is your telecommunication service supporting all of your business operations and user demands as efficiently as possible? CenturyLink® T1/DS1 and T3/DS3 Services bring you affordable high-speed digital transport with point-to-point, high-capacity private line service you can depend on to support mission-critical business functions and applications.

And because transmission is digital from end to end, the signal is clean and free of cross talk, amplified noise, and distortion. Bottom line, CenturyLink Private T1/DS1 and T3/DS3 Services offer more reliability, more flexibility, and ultimately more productivity for your business.


  • Copper, fiber, and microwave radio provisioning
  • Central office multiplexing for 24 voice-equivalent channels (T1/DS1) or 28 T1/DS1 circuits (T3/DS3)
  • Isochronous serial data transmission from 1.544 Mbps (T1/DS1) to 44.736 Mbps (T3/DS3)
  • Control of services and reconfiguration via Command-a-Link™
  • Self-healing alternate route protection (SHARP) for local loop
  • Automatic loop transfer protection against copper facilities failure
  • Framing options include D4 framing, extended super frame, non-ANSI, and free framing
  • Line-code options include alternate mark inversion and binary eight zero substitution


  • Provides reliable, secure transport of high-volume communications between 2 locations
  • Aggregates point-to-point voice, data, and video traffic on a single dedicated, cost-effective circuit
  • Improves response time
  • Comes with a service level agreement for provisioning and repair
  • Enhances quality and utility of service with optional features
  • Provides the capacity you currently need and accommodates future demands

How T1/DS1 and T3/DS3 Services Work

T1/DS1 and T3/DS3 Services provide a dedicated, full-duplex, point-to-point, high-capacity private line transport service that reliably and securely aggregates traffic on a single cost-effective circuit. They are provisioned on copper, fiber, and in some instances, microwave radio. In some high-density cities, the service is provisioned on a synchronous optical network (SONET)-based interoffice network that connects wire centers.

T1/DS1 and T3/DS3 channels can be provided between two of your designated locations, or between one location and a CenturyLink wire center.

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Metro Private Line Service

Critical connections for your local area.

Reliable, cost-effective local connectivity is crucial for supporting multiple locations within a metro area. CenturyLink® Metro Private Line Service provides the bandwidth you need for even the most demanding data, voice, video, and imaging applications — while helping you control costs through service multiplexing and flexible pricing.

Point-to-point and multipoint dedicated private lines enable you to connect multitenant units (MTUs), carrier hotels, and points of presence (POPs) over CenturyLink metro fiber networks. Proven, self-healing SONET technology helps ensure uninterrupted availability and consistent service quality.

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  • Proven, all-fiber SONET networks deployed in self-healing ring configurations
  • Dedicated, highly-protected bandwidth with scalable capacity from DS-1 to OC-192
  • Tamper-resistant fiber optic circuits and intrusion detection features
  • Up to 99.999 percent (on-net) and 99.95 percent (off-net) network availability SLA
  • Fast installation and repair intervals
  • Optional fully redundant customer interface cards
  • 24/7 customer support through CenturyLink network operations center


  • Customize your network services for a wide range of applications
  • Expand flexibly and cost-effectively to meet changing requirements
  • Reduce cost through flexible pricing, including discounted term and volume contract options
  • Achieve economies of scale by installing and maintaining one high-speed OC-n line for several multiplexed voice, data, and video services, rather than multiple DS-1 or DS-3 lines for individual services

How Metro Private Line Service Works

Metro Private Line is a stand-alone service available in SONET metropolitan area networks in 27 U.S. metropolitan statistical areas. Local loop access to connect customer premises to the CenturyLink network is handled under CenturyLink Local Access. Minimum one-year term of commitment required. Recurring and nonrecurring charges vary depending on term commitment, circuit, and city. Service is offered in bandwidths of 1.544 Mbps (DS-1), DS-3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, and OC-192.

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Synchronous Service Transport (SST)

Ensure high-capacity transport for changing business needs.

Are your voice, data, and video transport needs outgrowing the capacity of your existing DS-1 or DS-3 lines? SST is a two-point broadband, shared private line solution that provides a reliable, high-capacity connection for the transfer of large volumes of traffic. It can help grow your business by offering economies of scale, scalability, and interoperability.


  • SONET technology for high reliability and survivability
  • Speeds of 155.52 Mbps for OC-3, 622.08 Mbps for OC-12, 1.2 Gbps for OC-24, 2.49 Gbps for OC-48, and 9.95 Gbps for OC-192
  • Superior quality of service, including throughput equal to purchased bandwidth (no congestion); visibility to data channels; advanced monitoring/alarming; and electronic redundancy
  • Interoperability with most data format system types and equipment vendors:
  • Channelized and concatenated service availability
  • 24/7 CenturyLink monitoring and repair availability


  • Consolidates your lower-speed services
  • Grows with your business to meet future needs
  • Eliminates valuable network downtime
  • Works with PRI and DDS data and voice trunks, FRS and ATM packet services and DWDM technologies
  • Provides enhanced network survivability via optional SHARP capabilities

How SST Works

SST is a point-to-point service that connects two customer or wire center locations. You can also tie together more locations by cross-connecting SST systems or connecting with other services. Should your network sustain a fiber cut, SST's four-fiber configuration makes it possible for your network to remain functional. The service allows multiple circuit types to ride the SST separately or in combination, meeting your unique volume-transport needs. SONET technology ensures your network has the highest level of survivability available today.

Self-Healing Alternate Route Protection (SHARP)

Better disaster recovery and network availability for your business.

Losing data on your local loop can wreak havoc with business continuity. Fortunately, you can plan for business disaster recovery and avoid local data loss with SHARP from CenturyLink. SHARP is an optional feature of our T1/DS1, T3/DS3, and SST services that help improve system reliability and network availability.

The fact is, we're so confident about the reliability of our service, that if a cable is cut or transmission quality degrades to an unacceptable level, and your SONET protection fails to switch to the protect path within one second, CenturyLink will credit you for up to a month's billing for the affected service.

Self-Healing Alternate Route Protection image


  • High-speed host-to-host channel networking
  • Load balancing
  • Centralized data processing
  • Integrated voice and data
  • CAD-to-CAD transfer
  • High-speed file transfer
  • Available for either circuit (per DS3) or system-level protection (per system)


  • Maintain business continuity if lines fail
  • Deliver better customer service with continuous uptime
  • Avoid costs of unexpected downtime

How SHARP Works

Thanks to a redundant digital ring topology architecture, SHARP causes data to be transmitted over multiple paths so if one path is disrupted (due to a cut cable, for instance), the alternate path can immediately take over and continue transmission.

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