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Eric Hawley, Utah State University

"The CenturyLink solution cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars less per year in ongoing maintenance and nearly a million dollars less than other vendors in equipment costs up front, while providing the same competitive level of functionality but with a system that was so much easier to manage."

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Connecting Students and Faculty with Success

Technology has been interwoven into the fabric of academic life like never before. Connected technology helps students become more engaged by creating an environment that leads to more effective teaching and greater learning success. 

CenturyLink provides IT infrastructure, cloud, mobility and security solutions that help administrators and faculty improve access to learning while delivering educational opportunities at lower costs. Using CenturyLink solutions for higher education, you can overcome cost barriers, restructure the classroom, train staff, deliver differentiated services and drive growth. 

CenturyLink can help educational institutions:
  • Securely connect with educators and students
  • Deliver engaging online and digital content and learning
  • Harvest deeper insights from Big Data
  • Maintain compliance with rigorous security and resiliency requirements
  • Plug the gaps for filling skilled IT talent requirements and positions
  • Free internal IT resources to focus on innovation
  • Control costs for your IT infrastructure and human resources
  • Lower operational and maintenance risks that come with legacy infrastructure 

Easily Procure via Purchasing Vehicles

Get services that fit your budget with the right purchasing vehicle for eligible organizations.

  • MiCTA – Education | Government | Nonprofit
  • The Quilt – National Regional Networks Consortium
  • E-Rate Assistance –  Discount Program for Schools and Libraries

  • G2G Marketplace – Government to Government
  • GSA 

     IT Schedule 70

Education Is More Accessible—and Effective—Worldwide Using Connected Technology.

When educators and students are connected effectively, true learning can take place. Here are just a few ways interconnectivity affects educational opportunities:

Source 1: Governing Institute, Network-Powered Transformation, August 2016

Leverage Our Technology Partnerships

CenturyLink has many strategic partnerships in place to provide our customers with the best framework, tools and expertise for educational implementations from some of the world’s best-in-class technology suppliers.

See What Our Customers Have to Say
Jim Stewart | Technical Services Director | Utah Education Network
"We chose CenturyLink because of cost [and] the completeness of their response...we had a criteria of ethernet and fiber and they met that criteria. We've worked with this team for a long time, we know them, and trust their capabilities."

Hear how educators connect with and trust CenturyLink.
Helping Change the Ways Academic Institutions Teach

CenturyLink helps transform the way universities teach and students learn by delivering secure, cost-effective IT solutions for higher education.

CenturyLink offers solutions that have been proven to be effective for educational organizations of all sizes and types. By carefully assessing organizational needs, plus taking into account its budget and deadlines, we can successfully work with educators and educational institutions to provide voice, network, infrastructure, cloud, security and application solutions that meet your specific needs.

CenturyLink helps education by offering:  

  • 70+ years of history serving state and local government IT departments
  • A stable, nearly $1 billion line-of-business serving government and education
  • Compliance with a wide range of government security standards
  • Participation within the state IT community via NASTD, NASCIO and other collaborative forums
  • IT and cloud readiness assessment and road map development
  • Proof of concept, piloting and testing
  • Implementation and migration
  • Integration with legacy infrastructure
  • Self-serve, online management and provisioning services


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