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CenturyLink and BroadSoft Hosted VoIP Webinar

Learn how educators are using hosted VoIP and unified communications solutions from BroadSoft and CenturyLink to transform academics and create new learning opportunities.


Connecting Students and Faculty with Success

Enhancing the Evolution of Education

“Doing more with less” has long been a standard operating procedure for K-12 educators working with limited budgets. IT leaders in education want inventive yet economical ways to help them reinvent the delivery of applications and services for students, parents, administrators and teachers. CenturyLink provides the IT infrastructure, cloud, mobility and security solutions that help K-12 administrators and faculty improve access to learning opportunities while delivering services to parents and students.

Our experts can provide K-12 education organizations with secure, converged voice and data network solutions that can improve communication and collaboration while reducing overall operating costs. Enhancing education connectivity inside and out of the classroom can be accomplished by putting curricula, testing, assessments, assignments, digital content and other resources online. These services place greater demands on network performance, security and reliability, but our services and solutions mitigate the increased strain on IT departments. CenturyLink has a history of providing uninterrupted access and services that are free from cyber-attacks. 

CenturyLink can help educational institutions:
  • Securely connect and stay connected
  • Deliver engaging online and digital content and learning
  • Harvest deeper insights from Big Data
  • Maintain compliance with rigorous security and resiliency requirements
  • Plug the gaps in filling skilled IT talent requirements and positions
  • Free internal IT resources to focus on innovation
  • Control costs for your IT infrastructure and human resources
  • Lower operational and maintenance risks that come with legacy infrastructure

CenturyLink Solutions for K-12

Explore Products and Services Fit for K-12

Easily Procure via Purchasing Vehicles

Get services that fit your budget with the right purchasing vehicle for eligible organizations.

  • MiCTA – Education | Government | Nonprofit
  • The Quilt – National Regional Networks Consortium
  • E-Rate Assistance –  Discount Program for Schools and Libraries

  • G2G Marketplace – Government to Government
  • GSA 

     IT Schedule 70

Managed Wi-Fi

Fully-managed Wi-Fi connectivity and customer experience tools.

Managed Wi-Fi is a wireless networking solution that helps K-12 administrators and educators provide seamless Wi-Fi Internet access across their school or campus. Wi-Fi management tools help you manage user access, allocate bandwidth and schedule access times, giving you complete visibility and control over your Wi-Fi network.

With high-capacity Wi-Fi endpoints strategically located throughout your on-campus facilities, you can deliver faster internet connections and superior coverage so students, faculty and visitors can connect for truly untethered digital learning.

Our Managed Wi-Fi service offers you:

  • A custom-branded splash page that invites users to securely sign-on via social media authentication or a short form
  • To offset costs, you can offer advertising space on your sign-on and landing pages
  • Offer visitors wayfinding services to help them find their current location or search for nearby attractions

Network Services Take High Priority in Education

When educators and students are connected effectively, true learning can take place. Here are just a few ways interconnectivity affects educational opportunities:

Source 1: Governing Institute, Network-Powered Transformation, August 2016
Source 2: Unified Communications and Collaboration Take High Priority in Government and Education Sector, IDG, August 2016 

Leverage Our Technology Partnerships

CenturyLink has many strategic partnerships in place to provide our customers with the best framework, tools and expertise for educational implementations from some of the world’s best-in-class technology suppliers.

See What Our Customers Have to Say
Jim Stewart | Technical Services Director | Utah Education Network
"We chose CenturyLink because of cost [and] the completeness of their response...we had a criteria of ethernet and fiber and they met that criteria. We've worked with this team for a long time, we know them, and trust their capabilities."

Hear how educators connect with and trust CenturyLink.
Helping Academic Institutions Teach Economically

CenturyLink helps transform the way primary and secondary educators teach by delivering secure, cost-effective IT solutions for K-12.

CenturyLink offers solutions that have been proven to be effective for educational organizations of all sizes and types. By carefully assessing organizational needs, plus taking into account its budget and deadlines, we can successfully work with educators and educational institutions to provide voice, network, infrastructure, cloud, security and application solutions that meet your specific needs.

CenturyLink helps education by offering:  

  • 70+ years of history serving state and local government IT departments
  • A stable, nearly $1 billion line-of-business serving government and education
  • Founding member E-Rate Steering Committee
  • Top 5 E-Rate service provider
  • Compliance with a wide range of government security standards
  • Participation within the state IT community via NASTD, NASCIO and other collaborative forums
  • IT and cloud readiness assessment and road map development
  • Proof-of-concept, piloting and testing
  • Implementation and migration
  • Integration with legacy infrastructure
  • Self-serve, online management and provisioning services


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