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Securely deliver new online government services and applications while staying within your allocated budget.


Unified Communication Tech Enhances Public Sector Productivity €”Market Pulse

Learn how communication and collaboration technology enhances productivity and cost savings in Government and Education.


Connecting Government at Every Level

Driven by the needs of hyper-connected citizens, digital transformation is happening everywhere in government. New online applications and services are in high demand from your constituents while government IT budgets remain relatively flat. Even though overall spending may be up, state and local agencies continue to operate with limited human and financial resources.

As a result, Government IT leaders are constantly looking for technology innovations and skills that can help them “do more with less” by reinventing the delivery of government services while staying within their budget limitations. It’s a difficult task, so we offer infrastructure, networking, cloud and IT services that help you cost-effectively respond to citizen needs and demands.

CenturyLink can help state and local governments:
  • Securely connect and stay connected
  • Deliver secure online government services and applications to citizens
  • Create a path to greater security and resiliency
  • Fill the IT talent gaps that exist in your organization
  • Free internal IT resources to focus on innovation
  • Control costs for your IT infrastructure and human resources
  • Lower operational and maintenance risks that come with legacy infrastructure
  • Make use of broader IT expertise from best-in-class vendors

CenturyLink Solutions for Government Agencies

Explore Products and Services Designed and Built
for State and Local Governments

Easily Procure via Purchasing Vehicles

Get services that fit your budget with the right purchasing vehicle for eligible organizations.

  • MiCTA – Education | Government | Nonprofit
  • The Quilt – National Regional Networks Consortium
  • E-Rate Assistance –  Discount Program for Schools and Libraries

  • G2G Marketplace – Government to Government
  • GSA 

     IT Schedule 70

State and Local Government Issues and Trends

Here are just a few of the trends that affect state and local government agencies and their ability to deliver services efficiently and effectively:

Source 1: “2016 Top Management Challenges for State & Local Government,” Government Business Council, October 2015

Leverage Our Technology Partnerships

CenturyLink has many strategic partnerships in place to provide our customers with the best framework, tools
and expertise for government implementations from some of the world’s best-in-class technology suppliers.

Building Lasting Relationships with
Government Agencies

CenturyLink has a well-established history and tradition of delivering secure, cost-effective IT solutions to government agencies at any level.

CenturyLink offers solutions that have proven to be effective in government facilities of all sizes and types. By carefully assessing an individual organization’s needs and taking into account its budget and time deadlines, we successfully work with many public agencies to provide voice, network, infrastructure, cloud, security and application solutions that meet all of their specific needs.

CenturyLink helps government agencies by offering:

  • 70+ year history serving state and local government IT departments
  • A stable, nearly $1 billion line-of-business serving government and education organizations
  • Government-grade security services
    • One of two telecommunications providers of the Defense Intelligence Agency Backbone Network
    • Deploy more than 51% of Managed Trusted Internet Protocol (MTIPS) ports for the federal government
    • Advisors to Dept. of Homeland Security, DOD, DOJ, Cybersecurity Council and multiple other federal agencies


  • First Commercial Service Provider (CSP) approved by the US Department of Homeland Security to provide Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS) to critical infrastructure owners and operators in the United States
  • Contributor to NIST cybersecurity framework
  • A recognized industry leader by Forrester Research for DDoS mitigation services by Forrester Research
  • Commercial security operations centers (SOCs) staffed by over 250 researchers, testers and GIAC Certified Intrusion Analysts covering multiple security domains and holding many security industry certifications, including CISSP, CCNA, CCSP, CCSE, CCSA and MCSE


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