Improve Outcomes and Patient Care
Enhancing healthcare IT to improve decision making, collaboration and security across the healthcare ecosystem.
Brian Mortensen
Telecom Manager
Touchstone Health HMO, Inc.

"By migrating to CenturyLink's hosted EZ Route solution we improved our business operations, cut our expenses and increased the reliability of our communications services."

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Integrated Customer Experiences For Multi-Channel Retailers

With thousands of healthcare customers CenturyLink delivers network and IT solutions to provider and payer organizations. Our secure data and communication systems are designed to benefit patients, manage fiscal responsibility and maintain overall compliance.

With our experience CenturyLink delivers on time, on budget and with the highest level of customer service and support. Whether you need more bandwidth for real-time image transfers, HIPAA compliant infrastructure, or additional security, CenturyLink is 100% committed to be a strategic partner for healthcare organizations.

Nightingale Manages Electronic Health Records using CenturyLink
Scaling services to serve a multi-national healthcare community.

Nightingale is one of the largest providers of Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) to Ontario healthcare organizations and surrounding Canadian provinces and are expanding into U.S. regions. They needed multi-region, cross-border cloud and colocation environments that were both HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant. Their new EHR platform needed to support a wide variety of web browsers, tablets and mobile devices across counties and multiple regions so the ability to scale and network performance were also of great concern.

Nightingale chose CenturyLink cloud and colocation services with instances in New York, Chicago, Toronto and Vancouver. They chose the CenturyLink cloud for its highly managed, secure data centers and the ability to scale without the concern over aging hardware.

See how Nightingale avoided significant capital investments by moving to a CenturyLink Hybrid IT environment.


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